Why Standby Generators are an Ideal Power Back-up Solution for Modern Homes


Having a standby home generator installed outside your house is an ideal investment that ensures your power remains on during an outage. While power supplying companies do their best to ensure you have an uninterrupted power supply, several other unavoidable factors work against you to interrupt the smooth flow of power.

Anytime power goes off, you are never sure how long it will be back, so an investment in a standby generator is your best option. Apart from back up, there are several other reasons you should have a generator in your backyard. Have a glimpse at some of them below.

You Never Know What Will Cause an Outage

Mostly, harsh weather is the leading cause of power outage in many regions, and homeowners and power suppliers are always doing their best to make sure this situation is taken care of. However, harsh storms and bad weather only form a small percentage of the many causes of a power outage.

Sometimes it could be a faulty transformer or some management issues with the power grid system linking to your area. When such things happen, bringing power back can take longer than you anticipated.

Keep yourself from the stress of making endless calls and follow-ups for your power to be reinstated. Keep your fridge running, your house warm, and your air conditioner working by installing a Generac 24kW electric generator outside your home.

Homes are becoming more digital

Unlike the olden days where power outage in homes would not shut and dampen household members’ spirits so much, today, a short power outage would mean stoppage of almost life itself. Nearly everything has turned digital, and a household without power would mean a house without many essential needs.

Homes are now connecting to digital smart TVs, home phones, and other smart gadgets like electric curtains, automatic showers, etc. A home phone is solely used for emergency and general household communications. When there is a power outage, the entire house gets detached to essential emergency services.

The internet is the worst hit when the power goes off. If you work from home and need a constant internet connection to run your virtual meetings, you will be counting losses upon power outage.

It is Easy to Man a Standby Generator

Homeowners increasingly love standby generators because they are easy to use and operate. These generators come in different sizes and capacities to ensure you can customize their use according to your home need.  You need not be present at home to turn the generator on or off. Upon power outage, the generator automatically turns on and will switch itself to the standby mode once the utility is back.

When installers are doing for you the installation, they offer the simple coaching you need to help you manage the generator effectively. You can either back up all your electric circuits in the house or back up the essential circuits you may need during the blackout.

The generator is installed in such a way that using it will give you an easy time. While the generator is installed outside, its transfer switch is wired next to the house’s main meter box.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Home

If you plan to sell your house in the future, you will be making an additional value to your home when you legally install a backup generator. Research on home investments states that in some events, a home’s value can appreciate by about 3 to 5% after installing a standby generator to your home.

Sometimes, your house can attract up to a 150% return of the investment you made on the generator. This means if you spent $10,000 installing your generator, your home value might increase up to about $15,000.

Standby Generators are Digital and Modern

Forget the noisy and semi-automatic standby generators you might have seen in your local school stepping in when the power went out. The home standby generators bring a whole lot of new experience. They offer quiet operations, and most of them have a self-test option and will indicate when you need to carry out maintenance. Some generators come with panels and shell features that provide sound-reducing elements which make them even quieter than the others.

Premium models of ideal generators come with an aluminum casing that works well to protect the entire generator backup system from adverse winds and water. So you won’t be losing your investment to harsh weather conditions soon after investing.

They Are Sufficient for the Whole House Electricity Needs

Someone may try to convince you out of investing in the installable standby generator for your home. Their argument might be that they are too expensive and not worth the hustle. Be as it may, the generators are indeed expensive. Still, the extensive power they will supply to your large house cannot be compared to the limited capacity of the portable generators.

Reserve the portable generators for outdoor functions like parties, camping, and other field events. If you try to use them to power your entire house, you may end up spoiling them due to overload.

Prevent Losses

When there is a power outage, especially the ones that run for days, or even worse weeks, you can always start counting on losses and damages if you do not have a power backup system for your home.

The first place you lose money is in your fresh food supplies. When refrigerators and coolers can no longer function well, you lose the excess food supply you had purchased to see you through the month’s end. You might be forced to throw away food you had invested on if you won’t manage to get ice early enough to secure your food in.

The second case is even worse. When you have someone you are taking care of at home with medical equipment that needs a constant power supply to operate, you may be risking their lives if you lack a standby power backup generator. You won’t be worried about turning the backup generator on or off as they are automatic, and your sick relative can be safe even in your absence.

There is no need to continue avoiding such a timely investment for your home. Getting a perfect standby generator is the best gift you can give to your house and the occupants.