Why Are Homebuyers Increasingly Selling Their Homes a Few Years after Buying Them?


A lot is happening in the real estate industry as new trends keep emerging every new day in this lucrative industry. Homebuyers now seem to be a restless lot as they keep moving out of their newly acquired home soon after settling in them. You would be pushed to want to know why this trend is fast taking place in this industry. Worry no more as we did all the research work for you and presented the following reasons for you.

Change in Household Size

It is always supposed to be a lifetime decision when buying a house as you foresee yourself living in that home for the rest of your life. However, along the way, mostly after a few years of settling in, you may find yourself with either an increasing family or a reducing one. As time goes by, children come into the picture, and the family increases in size. This situation immediately pushes you to look for a more spacious house elsewhere. For example, if you own a home in the Edmonton area, you will end up looking for potential home buyers, and get help with your selling endeavors.

Likewise, when the time for your children comes to get their places, the household size reduces, leaving only a few people with a massive house. This may prompt you to get a smaller house that the remaining household members can comfortably fit in.

Change of Neighborhood

Anytime you are going to seal a deal when buying a house, one of the key selling points you are urged to consider is the neighborhood. It is attractive and convincing when the neighborhood looks cool and has almost all the amenities you may need close to you. However, what sellers don’t tell you is that the neighborhoods always change, for worse. It is when the negative change occurs that you start regretting your decision to buy a house there.

When developers start erecting more buildings around your place, congestion becomes the new norm, and you start scrambling for the social amenities you are supposed to share. The situation becomes unbearable, pushing you to begin seeking your way out of the place hence selling your house to acquire a new one in a better place.

Financial Adjustments

Finances are critical determinants of the next directions and decisions you make in life, especially investment decisions. Buying or selling your house could be one such decision. Whether you are going to sell your home to move to a bigger house or a smaller house will depend on either an improvement or deterioration of your financial status. Increased finances will prompt you to buy a bigger house in a posh environment, while a drop in finances will push you to look for a smaller place, you could check great prices here yegismoving.com

New Job or Transfer

Getting a new job far from home can be a blessing in disguise. Whereas the new job may be paying better than the previous ones you have had, the daily transport costs may dig a big dent into your finances and even make you fatigued due to the long hours of driving and arriving home late. Sometimes, the new job might be in a new city or even country, and you may need to transfer to the new location with your family.

Need to be closer to Family

It reaches a moment in life when you want to be closer to the people you treasure most. It is in such moments that you make the hard but necessary decisions, such as relocating next to your extended family. Staying close to one another makes it easy to do so many things together as one large family. One main reason why homeowners give up their homes for the ones that are closer to family members is to take care of their aging parents and give them the chance to be close to their grandchildren.

Appreciating House and Land Value

Most houses come with a piece of land attached to them when a buyer acquires them. As you already know, the value of land keeps appreciating at significant rates, and it even gets better if the land your house is sitting on is prime land. Given a few years, the house and the land would have appreciated making it irresistible to sell and buy a bigger one or smaller one, depending on your preferences.

After some years, it is usually likely that your land and house will attract enough profit to secure you a better place or some better money to use for other investments. This fact has made many homeowners sell their houses and gain on these attractive financial return opportunities.


Buying and living in a big house as a couple never guarantees peace and tranquility. Sometimes the sad realities happen, and a beautiful family is torn apart when couples disagree and decide to part ways. It is even worse if the house was a shared investment between the couples as this will demand that the house be sold, and the proceeds shared between the couples depending on the ratio of their contribution towards buying it.

On the brighter side, a couple intending to move in together after their wedding would decide to either sell both of their houses to buy one big house to stay in together or one of them to sell theirs and in the other partner in his or her house. If buying near rping season you should consider tips provided at yegismoving.com so you can be ready.


Retirement time comes with a lot of new decisions to make. One of the decisions you might have to make is moving from your city house to the countryside, one where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of your retirement period. Also, this is the ideal time to accumulate your assets into one place near you, and since you cannot move your house with you, you sell it and go with the money for other investments.

So many other factors may push you to sell your house. Whichever the reason it is you are selling your home for, always make sure you are gaining from that deal in almost all aspects.