Investing in a home appliance doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you want to make sure you are spending right. With the market full of so many brands, making the wrong choice over the right one becomes easy.

To make sure it’s worth it, you need to have a basic knowledge of the most and least reliable brands. The perfect choice will save you money, time, and the headache of breakages when you least expect it. Imagine your dishwasher breaking down when you have so many guests in your home! Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Even though there is the best appliance repair you could trust, here’s what you should know about your options.

Most Reliable French door Refrigerators

These are the newest trend in refrigerator design. They comprise of two refrigerator doors that open outward, with a split at the center. These doors can open separately or simultaneously. When you open both doors simultaneously, you are opening up the whole space hence exposing everything inside.

Because it is the latest trend, it doesn’t come cheap. So, when shopping for French door refrigerators, you need to check out reliable brands. For instance, according to J.D. Power’s study, Whirlpool comes first, followed by KitchenAid and Samsung in the second and third positions, respectively.

So you may want to consider Whirlpool as your first brand choice even across other home appliances.

Least Reliable French door Refrigerators

Owning a French door refrigerator is a great deal, but is it? According to home appliances that met customers’ satisfaction in the above study, French door refrigerators came last. This means that even though they are the latest model, customers did not fancy the idea of having them. So you should probably opt for an alternative model.

It is important to note that refrigerators tend to break down quickly during summer than the year’s cold seasons.

Most Reliable Side-By-Side Refrigerators

If you’re planning on enhancing effective order by bringing comfort and style to your home, go for a side-by-side refrigerator. This model of refrigerators consists of two individual compartments, with each having its door. One side is the freezer, while the other is the fresh food compartment.

A variety of brands performed well in this category. Kenmore topped the customer satisfaction list, while Whirlpool was the most preferred choice among the appliance-repair technicians.

Least Reliable Side-By-Side Refrigerators

Customers in the J.D. Power survey showed their dissatisfaction with the Maytag brand, which ranked the lowest. According to experts, refrigerators’ most common issue is the cooling problems, followed by damaged and leaky ice-makers.

While this is annoying, it is also costly in terms of repairs. In most experts’ quotations, they will demand up to $500 for repairs or buying a new fridge for $1,000 or more. Not to mention the cost of all the food that will go bad in a damaged fridge.

Most Reliable Dishwashers

Fundamentally, a dishwasher is a robot for cleaning and rinsing dirty dishes. In this case, people have to load the containers in, add suitable detergent, set the right washing cycles, and switch it on. However, the dishwasher does more functions by itself like;

  • Adds water
  • Heats the water to the proper temperature
  • Automatically opens the detergent dispenser at the ideal time
  • Shoots the water via jets to clean the dishes
  • Drains the dirty water
  • Rinses dishes by spraying more water
  • Drains itself again
  • Heats the air to dry the dishes based on the right setting by the user

So, owning a dishwasher saves you time and energy every day, especially if you have a large family. According to most researches, Bosch was the top brand based on customer reliability.

Least Reliable Dishwashers

You should note that different brands come with varying strengths of an appliance, which can differ yearly. From J.D. Power’s report, most respondents showed their discontent with Frigidaire’s dishwashers.

The study results come from numerous product assessments provided by customers who bought different appliances within the last 12 months.

Most Reliable Washing Machines

This is a machine that washes various types of dirty clothes. The owner fills up the barrel with water, which then rotates quickly to enable the water to remove dirt from the clothes. Usually, washing machines use liquid or powder detergents to help clean the clothes better.

Buying a washing machine can be tricky, but it would be best to seek a recommendation from an expert. Most technicians overwhelmingly named Whirlpool as the brand they vouch for to customers. LG and Samsung ranked second and third place, respectively.

Least Reliable Washing Machines

Despite the fancy brand name, Kenmore Elite performs poorly and is in the last position. This is according to the customer satisfaction for front-loading washing-machine brands in J.D. Power’s analysis. Shockingly, it even comes behind the more budget-friendly Kenmore range in these positions.

Conversely, the Frigidaire ranks last in the top-loading washer’s category. The most common problem with washing machines, including the dishwasher, is the inability to drain correctly.

Most Reliable Dryers

A clothes dryer, also referred to as a tumble dryer, is an electronic household appliance that removes moisture from clothing, bedding, and any textiles. This happens soon after washing the washing machine. Remarkably, others contain steam to straighten clothes, thus avoid ironing.

A good dryer does not only dry clothes but also keeps your utility bills low. Conversely, your accounts are likely to hike if you need to set your clothes over several cycles to get them dry. Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, and LG took top positions in the list of reliable dryers.

Least Reliable Dryers

Customers were not pleased with Amana dryers, based on J.D. Power’s study. They placed the brand in the last position in customer satisfaction. GE did not do much better either in this category. According to several technicians, this appliance’s potential problem is that it does not heat and drying clothes well. Well, that lets down the purpose of having a dryer.

Most Reliable Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwaves usually refer to portable countertop microwaves that allow you to place them anywhere. Moreover, they are somewhat low-priced and ideal for kitchens with a lot of counter space. Countertop microwave ovens typically range from about 1.0 cubic feet- 2.0 cubic feet.

Avanti and Farberware topped the list of the best-performing brands earning a desirable “Excellent” rating for respondents’ trustworthiness. Following were the Samsung, Black + Decker, and LG landing one grouping below. Avanti and Farberware received a “Very Good” title.

Least Reliable Countertop Microwaves

Which microwave brands do buyers reliably like better? After a study from the Consumer Reports of people who had vast experience with over 29,000 countertop brands in a year, the results were mostly negative towards Whirlpool.

Whirlpool’s countertop microwaves performed below par in the survey, thus the no longer a desirable recommendation entirely in this category. Nonetheless, Whirlpool makes a major retaliation with over-the-range microwaves. The model received the two top positions in that classification from Consumer Reports.

Most Reliable Stovetops

This is the top surface of a stove, particularly the part used for cooking, often cluttered with pots and pans.

Experts gave GE the top rank, regarding this model of stovetops as the most reliable. This is the one time that the brand performs best to be a winner in the report’s dependability category. Whirlpool follows behind near coming in second place, and KitchenAid bestowed the third place.

Least Reliable Stovetops

According to a report from most technicians, repairing a stove is likely to cost you a massive $1,000 or more $200 for additional fees. These experts also rated LG as the least reliable model in this group, and Samsung finalized in second-to-last place.

Well, according to the experts, a reliable stovetop should last you around 12 years.

Most Reliable Ranges

A range is a stove comprising an oven with a fuel source that is either gas or electricity. It is merely like an all-inclusive oven and stove. Moreover, it is a shared kitchen appliance in most homes. It comes with both a stove and an oven; therefore, several people favored buying individual appliances, which turns out to be more costly in the end.

Technicians also endorse GE as their top pick for reliable ranges. Whirlpool was close on GE’s heels coming in second place, with KitchenAid following at third place. The technicians add that it’s necessary to get a good-quality, unfailing range for your safety and cooking consistency. Though they based their choices on these GE brands’ reliability, they also appreciate that the manufacturer offers a range of options at different and reasonable price points.

Least Reliable Ranges

The typical repair cost of a range is about $264, reliant on most experts. Notwithstanding the price, it would help if you chose the brand with minimal chances of failing, so you don’t need to deal with the stress. In this classification, Amana comes in the last position in customer satisfaction consumers who bought a stand-alone range in the previous year.

To summarise, you need to be very thorough in shopping for any kitchen or home appliance. Besides, it is better to be safe than sorry when you need to repair or replace a recently bought device.