Types Of Garage Doors To Get For Your Garage

With several garage doors available for you to consider when building your garage, others stand out among the rest. You want a garage door that gives you the easy time you need anytime you are coming back home from your rides out. Getting a heavily built garage door can sometimes be a considerable choice, but it may not offer you the convenience you need during the opening and closure sessions.

So what are the ideal types of garage doors that you should get for your garage? Let us have a look at some options below.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are quickly gaining popularity in the UK as more garage owners are particularly ordering for this type of door. Their outstanding qualities, such as strength, safety, and security, give them the upper hand among the other types of gates. The name ‘Sectional’ comes from the doors’ structure as they are made of separate sections that open vertically.

Sectional doors can be installed on almost all shapes of openings, including the curved, rounded, and arched openings. This means you can customize the door to fit your garage opening space long after you have built your garage.

The doors are made up of panel sections that are hinged up for connection. When opening and closing the door, the wheels at the edge of each panel roll inside a vertical track that’s found on each side of the door opening.

At times you may wonder how the door manages to hang on up there without falling when you partially open the door. This s made possible by the pair of high-tension springs that are attached to cables that operate the door. Sectional doors are easy to repair in the event they get stuck. All you need to do is get a garage door repair specialists to solve the problem within no time.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding garage doors are great as they are easy and convenient to install. Just like the name, the doors are opened or closed by sliding to the side for easy management. When opening the door, some are designed to bend on one side of the door and align to the wall in a parallel position. Others are made to stretch on the front wall space of your garage.

These types of doors are mostly used in garages that have little headroom. The doors are mostly made to match perfectly with your garage’s front wall in color, texture, and strength to help in boosting security.

Roll-up Garage Doors

These are mostly used in commercial and residential settings. You are likely to find most of these in organizations and parastatals’ garages. They are opened and using a roll-up mechanism, and you will find them in various configurations, sizes, and shapes.

The door is usually made with steel slat sections that are between 2 to 3 inches apart that roll around a drum above the door opening. These doors are used in places where there is no ceiling space making them ideal for garages built in limited areas.

The doors come in various shapes and can be made with different materials depending on their function or roles. Since these doors are usually made up of heavy-duty material, they tend to cost more than other designs.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

These are the traditional style of garage doors that are effective for garages that are shared between cars and pedestrians. The doors are hinged to a post or pole at either side of the door for easy opening and closing. When a pedestrian is using the door, only one side is opened as they need a smaller space. The garage door is only opened fully when a vehicle is passing through.

The doors are a perfect option for garages with minimal head and side rooms, as they do not require the extra space to open or close. Over time, the doors have developed and evolved into different shapes, sizes, and door panels split. So you can easily customize the door to your most preferred garage door desire.

When settling for timber side hinged doors, you should be careful to pick the excellent quality of timber that will stand the test of time in supporting your door for long. The most preferred wood for a strong side-hinged door would be the cedar wood, which is very stable.

With a perfect fit, the doors can work perfectly well, and that explains why there has been a rise in the recent days in demand for the wooden side-hinged garage doors.

Tilt-Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors

These garage doors are made of one solid piece, just like the side-hinged doors, so they do not have sections. They use a pivoting hinge mechanism to tilt up into the garage. When tilted up into the garage, the door sits up into the garage’s ceiling and extends past the garage’s front when the door is opened.

This type of door utilizes the ceiling space hence saving on side space and would demand a garage to have adequate ceiling space for effective performance.

Tilt-Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors 

The door is just similar to the Tilt-Up canopy doors, as they are also lifted into the garage. The only difference is that this one is suspended independently from the frame, making them not protrude from the garage’s front.

This type of garage door requires more space than the canopy garage doors. As complicated as they sound, the doors are more complex to manage and more expensive than the canopy ones.

When getting the ideal door for your garage, you do not need to worry about so many things like whether the door will fit, which design to take, or even the shape and color. The job is done for you by professionals who will sort your problem and handle a garage door that is complete and functional. So get help today and get the best door for the garage of your choice.