Traveling To Croatia, What You Can Explore And Enjoy On Your Trip



You might have asked yourself what it would be like to be in Croatia, if you travel down there or what are adventures you can explore as a traveler to this beautiful country. There are so many ways you can enjoy Croatia’s magic as it is overwhelming, mainly for the tourist.

Although it could be hard to figure out where and where you can explore, that could be a big issue that would hinder your fun-filled activities or affect your adventure. When you fully explore Croatia, you would be mesmerized by the beautiful sight and how unique their turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea is. Besides, you can sail the many islands associated with Croatia or go for other adventures like hiking, cycling, or raft activities. You can also be intrigued by the exceptional dental tourism in Croatian or view and enjoy life as a digital nomad.

As someone who wants to have the most fantastic experience in Croatia, and enjoy your stay, there are some things you must see as a tourist. However, you must consider working based on your itinerary, as this would help you enjoy your stay and effectiveness without losing out on your scheduled fun activities. Here are some exciting places you can explore in Croatia.


A Trip To The UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You might be surmised about the volume of UNESCO heritage sites located in the country, which amounts to about 10. These sites are exciting and beautiful to behold, while as a tourist you might have to enjoy the serenity it offers. In the past, there used to be eight Croatia UNESCO World Heritage sites which until 2017, two more were added to the list, which makes ten. Generally, the ten sites are currently referred to as world heritage, which remains a tentative List. Besides, there are other exciting activities, visits, and other compelling performances you can enjoy while in this beautiful country.

These world-class heritage sights make Croatia a great place you would love to visit and spend your holidays at most, especially during the summer with the help of The list of the UNESCO heritage sites includes the Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian, Ancient And Primeval Beech Forests Of The Carpathians And Other Regions Of Europe, Venetian Works Of Defense Between The 16th And 17th Centuries, Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč, The historic city of Trogir, The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik, Old City of Dubrovnik, Stećci – Medieval Tombstones Graveyards, Stari Grad Plain, Hvar, and Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Indeed, if you are visiting Croatia for the first time, you would be able to engage in a lot of activities, and there are many places you should visit. However, some less known sites have been submitted to UNESCO tentatively. These places are also excellent and fun to explore for tourists from all over the world. These places that are less know includes, The fortified walls and salt pans in the towns of Ston and Mali, The historical nucleus of Varazdin, north of Zagreb, which the New York Times named as one of the top places to visit in Croatia, and The Istrian hilltop town of Motovun.

Aside from the UNESCO-listed places you can visit in Croatia, there are other activities you would be able to engage in as a tourist, and you can easily enjoy your moment in Croatia. Highlighted here are the different activities.


Sail The High Sea

A country with over 100 islands and the richest archipelagos’ location globally, Croatia stood at the forefront of tourism and other eventful activities. Island exploration, sailing, and sipping of expensive champagne are only achievable while in Croatia. It offers the arguably single most fantastic places on earth where so many fun activities can be carried out. Indeed spending time on the seas and enjoying the blue sight of seawater is an epic enjoyment for tourist attractions.

It can be said that visiting Croatia without any sea action would be considered an unfulfilled tourist visit. It is worth it if it’s just a day of sea sailing activities you can get before your trip to Croatia ends. There are some recommended islands you should plan to visit, which include the family-friendly islands of the Zadar Archipelago, Korcula, Brac, Cres, and Krk island. Aside from this island, you can combine a mouth-watering experience of sea sailing and land activities by spending your time at the Adriatic Coast while making several stops along the sailing journey to explore the mainland surrounding the coast. More so, some amazing restaurants would help you refill your belly, saying you are exhausted and tired from all the tourism activities.


Take A Trip To Croatia’s 8 National Parks

Aside from sea sailing, and the UNESCO sites, there are other fun activities you would have to enjoy when traveling to Croatia. Croatia is blessed with a total of eight national parks and one UNESCO Geopark, while it is imperative you see at least one of these parks during your visit to Croatia. As you breathe in these locations, you would experience the freshness of the crisp and mountain air that blows across these parks. The leaves crunching under your foot coupled with the waterfall sound and the green nature is irresistible.

More so, the birds chirping and the relaxed nature without the world’s noisy effect around you make these parks so spectacular. Of your entire visit, you must take a trip to the national parks and ensure you satisfy your body, soul, and spirit with the refreshing air it blows your way. It is difficult to single out one of the parks for you to visit; however, the most popular and most visited park is the Plitvice Lakes at the national park. If you are a lover of the outdoors and nature, you are most welcome to Croatia.