Tips on How to Choose Furniture for a Kid’s Room

Having their furniture in their room makes the kids independent, explore, learn, and move around. Instead of always depending on adults, your child will build self-confidence and feel ownership and responsibility. Nothing makes a kid happy like learning to be like an adult.

Therefore, when choosing the furniture for their room, not any colored or cartoon furniture is appropriate. Several things come to play in determining the very best. Read on.


The best material for a child’s furniture is natural wood, MDF, or plywood. The average thickness should be about 15mm thick for all cabinets; hence confirm with the manufacturer. Also, take a keen look at the hardware. Since it’s not noticeable at first, most manufacturers tend to use subsidized hardware. Please ask about its production. Preferably, it should be a quality product from a great manufacturer like

If you are buying online and cannot have an all-round observation of the furniture, do not hesitate to ask for some clear pictures. Have them send you photos from different angles to assess the quality of work thoroughly.

Functional Designs

If you want to buy online, ask for pictures of the bed with a kid on it. This gives a better visual of the product in action and into reality. The rule of thumb in ergonomics is that children grow; hence their furniture should grow and vary in dimensions. For instance, a three-year-old kid’s bed should be from 70х150 cm to 80х170 cm.

Adjust the height as the child grows to make movement easier. Even in the case of a desktop, choose the right size. The kid must maintain the correct posture and proper eyesight.


Children’s furniture is a special kind of furniture; thus, check the certificates of manufacturing. The certificates must provide primary comfortable conditions for normal child development. Also, the paints used should be completely harmless. Preferably the water-based paints like acrylics or oil wax. What’s more?

Pay close attention to details like the hinges. Also, the drawers open should be in a soft-rubber not to pinch the pretty little hands when using. Choose furniture with rounded and smooth corners that will not scratch or hit your child. Moreover, for the bed with inbuilt lighting décor, make sure the wires are well insulated and secure sockets from children’s access.

Color, Theme, and Play

What is your kid’s favorite cartoon character? It would be better to get themed furniture for their room as it would make them more comfortable. Owning the room is the most crucial aspect so incorporate their favorite cartoons and colors on their furniture. But also choose moderate and friendly, giving a warm and cozy feeling to the room. Kids love the right colors, so that a bright colored bunker bed will do perfectly fine. You can also include some play aspect of the furniture. For instance, the bunker bed can have a slide for your kid to safely slide off when getting out instead of stairs all the time.

Everybody wants the best for kids, therefore choosing the best furniture should be a keen process. Your child needs to own their bed as well as their room. Go ahead and shop wisely.