The Ultimate Care Guide For French Bulldog Owners

Dogs are friendly pets almost everyone wants to have around them. This can be either for security reasons or just companionship. Whichever reasons you might have chosen to have a dog around you, there are many ways you can easily enjoy its company. Besides, dogs can be somehow tricky and challenging to care for, while you need to ensure you have all their routine followed.

As an individual who is hoping to acquire a dog as a pet, there are several things you need to consider before making that decision. This is major because some factors affect you as an individual and also affect your dog.

However, you have summoned on courage and have prepared to put everything in place for you to host a new dog. Then there is some care you would have to ensure you carry out on your dog. Say you are connived to get a French bulldog, there is some important information you need to learn about this breed of canine animal. This is because they aren’t like the traditional species of animals that have a standard care routine. Searching for more info about French bulldogs would also expose you to different care routines that would benefit your dog while you have all issues taken care of.

You might be unsure of the best ways to take care of these cute dogs; in this guide, you would understand the best ways to care for this breed of dog and get it right. Since these lovely gremlins are known for some common issues such as wide opened ears and short noses, you must ensure that you use unique cleaning methods and recommended cosmetics. Below are some standard care guides you should follow to have a clean and healthy dog around your home.


Ensure You Clean Their Frenchie’s Fold Properly

It is typical for this breed of dog to have multiple dozens of dark and moist folds on their head region. These folds are generally known to collect dirt, dust, and other leftover foods, which can be messy and unattractive most times. To avoid this on your dog, you must ensure that they are generally and thoroughly cleaned and more concentrated on that section. If they are not properly cleaned, there is a possibility of risk of infection, which the dirty fold can cause. To avoid this, you know the best solution is to clean the fold area properly. You should make use of baby wet wipes or a damp toilet towel to clean the area thoroughly. More so, after cleaning the fold, you should put cornstarch to help the dog absorb any excess wetness or oil that might be leftover. Besides, you should choose to use baby wipes as a better option for cleaning the folds over the regular ones as they do not contain alcohol.


Ensure They Are Kept Cool

One of the main issues you should keep this cute breed cool is that they have short nostrils; therefore, they cannot inhale enough air to cool off. To avoid suffocation and loss of breathing, you should keep them calm to have a comfortable living. They need to be in a room where the air conditioner’s temperature is higher than 24 degrees. However, if you realize that your canine friend starts painting and drooling, you should immediately splash water on his fur to ensure they cool down. The reason is that hydration always plays a good role in keeping your canine friend healthy and active. It is also recommended that you have his water bowl checked regularly to ensure the bowl still contains freshwater and is always clean. Besides, you should note that heatstroke can be very disastrous on your little pooch if you ignore its need at any particular time. Another way you can help your dog cool off is sprinkling water on their body as it has an excellent cooling effect, and the feeling is constantly refreshing on their body.


Do Not Forget To Clean Your Frenchies Ear

These breeds are blessed with a wide-open ear, making them susceptible to accommodate dust, particles, and germs if care isn’t taken. Besides, their wide-open ear is one of the features that set them aside from other dogs’ breeds around them. Hence, their ear’s openness can be a pathway for other unnecessary materials, like dust, pieces of graces, dirt, and many more unwanted materials.

However, if you have been neglecting the proper cleaning of this dog’s ear, you must perform a thorough cleaning of this canine friend of yours as soon as possible. More so, it is recommended that you carry out this cleaning once a week by using special ear ointment for the dog.  A few drops of this ointment would work wonders, and also, you gently massage it through the outer ear for proper cleaning of ear.

You can even gently shock his ear and use cotton balls to clean out any visible particles from the ear. Ensure you carry out this process in a gentle manner to be no hurt on the dog. You must be aware that these cuties do not like their ear to be cleaned; however, it is crucial that you have relaxed by petting and cuddling him, while you can also give him some treat to get his attention. You would easily have a less stressful moment cleaning his ears and have it done nicely.


Ensure Your Dog Is Bath Regularly

One of the most important things you should have in mind as a pet owner is ensuring that your dog regularly bathe. The Frenchies’ skin is very sensitive and prone to common allergies, which can cause infections and skin diseases. This is why you should pay optimum attention to the care of your pet’s skin. Also, you need to pay special attention to the type of cosmetics you are using before using them on your dog’s skin.

Using shampoos meant for human hair can harm your dog’s skin because it does not have a good pH balance on your dog’s skin. More so, using baby shampoo is also not advisable for your dog for bathing; this is why it is recommended that you learn from the experts. The following are much better from your dog skin, and they include bamboo, grape, natural fragrances, sea salt, and other recommended bathing ingredients for your Frenchies.

The list above is mild on your dog’s body, and it does not sting the eyes, and it always keeps their skin soft and hydrated. While bathing your Frenchies, you must ensure you have all the necessary materials to be used in place and avoid any of those materials touching your dog’s eyes. Special attention needs to be taken as you bathe your dog regularly to avoid any issues while taking care of them.


Tail Pocket Cleaning

There is something called tail pocket in Frenchie. Their shorts tail makes them more prone to collecting dust, dirt and fesses hanging in their tail area. If care isn’t taking, this might cause a severe infection and eventually cause your dog to die. To prevent this from happening, dog owners need to regularly clean their tail area and wipe it clean after going to the potty. Using baby wipes or wet cloth is the best way to help them wipe that area clean. More so, the pocket cleaning effort is the right thing to do when you hope to prevent any type of infection.


Regularly Grooming Your Frenchie

Luckily your Frenchie can quickly shed many bat pins; however, your dog needs regular grooming to have the best health. The best way to groom your pet is to use a grooming glove to reach all the parts of your pet’s body where it is not convenient to get to. More so, the glove can be washed after every use, and you also check out some other brushes for the Frenchies.  This can quickly also help you reduce the amount of fur that is being littered in your home daily.

Indeed, taking care of your pet can be challenging; however, if you carry out the following activities highlighted above correctly, you are sure to have an excellent, caring time for your pet. Besides, you can choose a harness present as this is a much better solution for your Frenchies. More so, the French bulldog harness is made of soft materials which would not hurt your dog body or cause irritations on your pooch body.