The Things You Must Do Before You File for Divorce In 2020

If you are planning to file for a divorce this year, then there is more that you need to do than just submitting a complaint to the court. The following are some of the tips that will help you get a better outcome to form your divorce:

Be sure a divorce is the best available option

It would help if you did not rush your decision to get a divorce. Divorce is a serious issue, and a decision on getting one should not be made when you are in a deep emotional state. Before filing for a divorce, ensure you have exhausted all other options of reconciliation with your partner. If you have tried everything to salvage your marriage to no avail, including mediation, therapy groups, and uninterrupted vacation, then the divorce will be the last option.

Identify a reasonable divorce attorney

You will need the services of a reputable attorney once you make up your mind to file a divorce. Before settling on one, it is prudent that you interview as many attorneys as possible. Look for an attorney that is committed to working with you to achieve your litigation goals. Don’t go for inexperienced lawyers with incomplete records. If your divorce is likely to be messy, then a qualified lawyer should handle the case.

Gather all the financial documents 

The success of your divorce case will mostly be dependent on the documentation process. Some of the relevant documents that will aid in divorce litigation include your car notes, financial account records, phone records, and mortgages records.

Ensure all these documents and others are updated and well documented before you file your case. If you have any shared file of documents with your partner, ensure you make copies of the files before you hold your first meeting with your attorney.

It is also prudent to obtain records of all shared accounts and other vital documents touching on shared properties. After you have filed for divorce, it may be a challenge getting these documents from your spouse since most of them tend to react negatively once served with divorce papers. It is always wise to get the documents ahead of time.

Decide on your custody goals

If you have children, then their custody status may be a significant issue during the divorce proceedings. It is a good idea to come up with realistic custody goals before filing for a divorce. In extreme situations, you will likely share custody of the children with your spouse. It is essential to have a review of your work schedule and that of the children so that you arrive at a realistic program for custody.

Determine to arrive at an amicable arrangement where both of you can spend time with children once the divorce has been finalized

Make necessary sales or purchases

Once you have filed for a divorce, the judge may issue an order that prohibits you and your spouse from selling or buying any marital property until your case has been heard and determined. Most courts do this to prevent spouses from misusing or draining marital property or bank accounts.

In case you want to buy a new car or sell a property, then you should do so before you file for a divorce. A legitimate sale or purchase should be completed before filing for a divorce.

Determine how you will be living after

If you are not comfortable staying in the same house with your spouse after filing for divorce, then it is wise to look for alternative accommodation before filing one. However, how you behave in the weeks leading to your divorce proceedings will determine whether you win the use of a marital property.

 For example, if you decide to move in with a relative during your divorce proceedings, then your chance of retaining your marital property will diminish. Before you decide on your living conditions, it is wise to seek the counsel of your attorney to advise you on the best available options.

Decide on bank accounts and credit cards

You may need to close your joint accounts and credit cards before you file for a divorce. This will prevent your spouse from accumulating high bills in your name, which will drain your bank accounts. Seek your lawyer’s advice on whether to divide the accounts in half or close them.

Document your spouse’s personal information 

After filing for a divorce, it may be a challenge for you to gain access to critical information that can help you win your divorce case. Such information includes financial information on your spouse’s name. It would help if you had you to gather all the relevant financial information, such as their bills and account information. You need to get copies of statements of accounts that go back at least five years. You also need to have copies of all the business and personal tax returns. Other relevant copies you should document include phone bills, debit card statements, and statements on debts you jointly owe.

Avoid living like a single person

Before filing for a divorce, don’t be tempted to live like a single person even when you know your marriage is on the rocks and can’t be rescued. Most jurisdictions consider extramarital relationships an adulterous act. You should not engage in any romantic relationship until your divorce case has been heard and determined. I t will not help your case if you start a relationship before filing your divorce.

Develop a support network

A divorce is never an easy affair to deal with. It can get messy, and to avoid the emotional hurt that comes with one; you need to find a good support network made up of close friends and family to talk to after you have filed for a divorce.


The end of your relationship may signal a new beginning. However, the process of divorce is never easy. Filing for a divorce needs to be done in the right way for you to meet your divorce goals.

 If you feel your last relationship was holding you from accomplishing some of your dreams and aspirations, then start focusing on achieving then once you are free from the relationship. Use the tips we have provided when filing for a divorce.