Technology As A Major Driver To The Education Sector


The new year 2020 has started, and it has been moving on with some new trends in the educational sector, while the world at large have embraced the advancement and the latest trends also, knowing fully well that the only constant thing is change. None the less we are sure that there will be some new changes in the world of education. As the year rolls down the line months by months, while some trends will change, some will still be in place.

Technology has been a major driver in the education sector. It has also been a major propelling force for the new trends in education. The world is changing, and new groundbreaking technologies are being developed daily. These daily technological developments are affecting the educational sector, making it revolve around Tech. The impact of Tech on education is a huge one, and this continuous transformation, which is taking place year in and year out, has given rise to new trends in education. Due to these daily innovations, learning has become very easy and computerized, which has also affected and improved student’s teacher learning ability. Technical knowledge is a catalyst for educational development and is in high demand this day, and so, its impact and involvement in education cannot be overemphasized. The latest changes wroth by Tech on education which has led to new trends in education includes

Tech-related learning

The introduction of Tech into the educational system is not a recent groundbreaking achievement; Tech itself is as old as the century. More advancement will ensue this year 2020 as a lot of things will change and become computerized. When the advantages of Tech in education are exploited to the fullest, it leads to fast and increased learning ability for the students.

Knowledge gotten from Tech equips the students with needed knowledge about future evolution. It also prepares them for the changes to come. Learning through Tech makes learning effective and efficient. Students can learn and gather knowledge on a wide range of subjects and topics just from the comfort of their homes.

Students are also able to conduct researches far and wide through internet exploration. Many online classes are taken to boost students’ knowledge and prepare them for possible future changes.

Easy and direct digital access

The most significant groundbreaking achievement of Tech so far in all sectors, especially in education, is the easy and direct access to information. Knowledge about a wide range of topics is gotten quickly and directly from the source through technology. Access to educative materials such as Video, audio records has made online learning very easy and accessible. Students can learn faster and also respond positively. Through edtech, students who don’t have access to great schools or cannot afford one but has an internet connection can now have uninterrupted access to online education just like others in the comfort of the areas. Online education has improved a lot of students’ learning abilities, and it has also sharpened their knowledge as they get to explore and gather more information about fields of interest easily.

Personalized learning

Students have distinct ways of learning, and the way they acquire knowledge differs. Some students learn faster through visual teaching, while others give preference to audio teaching. Students with disabilities, depending on the impaired part, are privileged to choose and learn at their own pace through tech evolution on education. This personalized learning will also enable students to select their areas of interest and acquire sufficient knowledge about it. Researches are conducted based on personal interest, which further makes learning easy and fun compared to the traditional style of learning. Easy access to books, Video, audiovisual teaching, and learning sections through Tech is a flexible and fastest means of learning.

Artificial Intelligence, imagery and animation

Learning has been made fun, entertaining, and addictive through 3D animations, graphics, and gamification, all thanks to Tech in education. When long classes and boring elaborate topics are made into bit sized games and images, it captivates the learner’s interest and enhances their learning abilities. In AI, the app on various subjects is developed to fasten students learning processes. For instance, a student who wants to learn different languages at the same time and also through the fastest means can get her dreams realized through language Apps like “Duolingo” that teaches them in a fun and better way, through video, audio and live practical sections making the student addicted and learn rapidly instead of buying voluminous textbooks and going through traditional learning style. The students are also able to track their learning progress, achievements, and improvement.


It is no longer a necessity for kids to go to school with traditional classrooms setting when they can study in the comfort of their rooms without distractions. With the aid of tech involvement in education, homeschooling is made effective and impacting. Parents can teach their wards any subject through technology. Many parents cannot afford the cost of enrolling their children in schools and so prefers homeschooling their wards. Although they might not possess the knowledge needed to teach specific topics with access to Tech, online library, video classes, and the kids can learn specifically what other students can. The privilege students that have access to traditional education and attend schools can also be homeschooled by adding more technological backup practical works to complement the theories they are being fed within the schools.

Audiovisual Realities

Students have access to historical facts recorded words through audios. Visual reality is becoming a widely recognized and accepted trend. It is also one of the fastest means of learning. Visual contents like YouTube are app where students can gather practical information and also participate in it. Through the introduction and inclusion of VR in the school curriculum, it has been able to encourage students, and it also allows them to learn beyond the regular paper written textbooks. For instance, a subject on archeology and studies, Video about Ancient kingdoms, extinct languages and cultural practices, extinct animals, and other historical records are brought to the students’ view rather than just mere readings about them. There may be easy ways to collect and test these samples.