Reasons Why You Should Travel to Pakistan for Your Honeymoon


Your wedding day is all well-planned for, and you are all happy and making merry waiting for that big day. A thought comes flashing into your mind on where you two should visit for your honeymoon.

You scratch your heads deep into the night, spoilt for options not sure which country, city or region in the world you should travel to. Well, you may have been troubled this long because you haven’t thought about Pakistan yet.

A trip to Pakistan will be an ideal choice for you to exhaust your lovely wedding honeymoon plans. You are not just awaited by iconic, beautiful places but also rich cultural practices that will spice up your honeymoon. Below are the reasons why you should give Pakistan a try for your honeymoon.

The Captivating Local Music

If music is not worth traveling for, then you have to worry about the reasons you want a honeymoon in the first place. The Pakistani local music will leave you and your spouse begging for more and dancing yourselves out to exhaustion. Musicians on the outskirts of the city and rural areas prefer to use the East’s traditional instruments such as the rubab, the flute, the tabla, and the harmonium to entertain their guests.

The music borrows notes and hymns believed to date back to up to 1000 years. The notes and hymns are sung by local musicians whose expertise in the art would drive you into intoxication without taking any substance. The experience you get when listening to Qawwali (devotional music), is something you will live to remember forever.

Outstanding Hospitality

You wouldn’t wish to go for your honeymoon in a hostile country. Pakistani people will give you a reason to visit their country again and again. Right from the ports of entry, you will be surprised by how all the locals will go out of their way to treat you in a hospitable manner.

Companies offering Pakistan tour packages are not left behind in this hospitality culture. Immediately you arrive in the country; such companies will be willing to guide you on the various tour packages for honeymoon and offer you the services at friendly and affordable prices. You will fall in love with how the tour guides give you an easy time traveling through the country as you enjoy your short stay there.

A large variety of Clothes

We agree that honeymoon is the moment for relaxing and having fun with your spouse. However, you can always stretch your schedule for some shopping, and there is no better way to show people back home that you are from Pakistan than coming back with the unique clothes sold there. In Pakistan, you will find any cotton, wool, lawn, silk, and linen. It is well known to have more variety of clothes than anywhere else in the world.

The country also brags of its wide variety of skilled artisans who can make the most beautiful designs for couples’ clothes or any other clothing using all sorts of beads and stones. You can have all the types of custom-made clothes you and your spouse have always dreamt of.

A Collection of World History

You have probably only watched stories of the Buddha and how their temples were protected and revered. How would a physical visit to one of the Buddha statues and learning a little bit of the Buddha history sound? When you visit Taxila areas, you will find a rich collection of the remains of Buddhist monasteries, and it is an ideal place to take pictures for memory benefits.

History of the Greek world is not left behind in the Pakistan archives. You are most probably going to find Greek arts, utensils, statues and swords dating back to the time Alexander the Great invaded the Pakistani land at around 327 BC. You will also love the great buildings that came up in the 20th century plus the prestigious clock towers and railroads that bring to life the era of British rule in the country.

Have a Ride in Beautifully Decorated Trucks

No one visits Pakistan and fails to recognize the mesmerizing art that fills all their tracks. You and your partner wouldn’t like to be left out of this craze when you visit the country, especially your honeymoon. The trucks are a great representation of the Pakistani culture, which you should try and blend in with if you need to be a part of this culture during your visit. It could be crazy, but trying out a truck drive down the slopes could be something sassy for a couple to engage in.

Several special artisans are skilled in beautifying these trucks, and they do a perfect job. These artisans flock the trucks with bright colors and design, emblems and symbols and famous poetry lines, endless birds, and flowers engraved on the truck’s bodies.

The Traditional Delicacies

You can’t get enough of the traditional Pakistani food and dishes. Their food is famous for its assortment of herbs and spices that give it an outstanding taste and aroma. Each traditional dish you will try will provide you with the feeling of a unique concoction whose recipe has gone through a perfection process through generations to give an unforgettable, mouth-watering taste. The favorites include chicken roast, lentils, and lamb, which are seasoned and later cooked to perfection.

The famous sweets known as ‘Mithai’ are made with local recipes and coupled with an assortment of nuts to give them the crunchy, awesome taste. For fruits and vegetables, you will enjoy fresh arrivals from the Pakistani farms, a royal collection of your dream fruits and vegetables.

Geographical Magnificence

All the types of natural phenomena in Pakistan has earned the country the status of harboring significant natural beauty. The rolling hills leading to the towering peaks in the north, the large fields and rivers, oceans, and deserts make the land a complete treasury of what nature can gift. Most of the landscape is still preserved in the rawest and natural form, making it an ideal country to visit if you are a nature enthusiast.

Your honeymoon in Pakistan will give you a whole package of great times to remember. You will certainly have the best time of your life and such memorable moments that will beckon you to visit again and again.