Rattan is the Effortlessly Cool Sustainable Design Trend That is Taking Over

The interior design world is ablaze with this new trend! Rattan, and Wicker — which is a manufacturing technique using natural materials has a way of improving the warm look and feel of every room or home. Most rattan is grown in gardens by farmers, which is woven into wicker, showcasing craftsmanship and design centuries in the making, while each product made features that natural look.

Of course, most homeowners believe that rattan furniture is only meant for the outdoors, while traditional furniture is indoors. Be that as it may, this traditional way of thinking is changing FAST.

The rattan cane is part of the ancient heritage of woven objects, although some people associate it with wicker, which is made of woven material such as rattan. These pieces make durable and exciting patios for the outdoor environment, most significantly used in the garden and other outdoor gathering locations. However, seeing that the rattan is an exclusive piece of furniture is now making its way into the indoor environment and the home interiors. The exceptional beauty it adds to the home, coupled with its beauty, has made it one of the homeowners’ favorites, while the comfort it offers makes it preferable.


The History Of Rattan Furniture

The history of rattan furniture and accessories dates back thousands of years, with one of the first evidences being furniture found in King Tuts Tomb. The British brought it into the western world in the 19th century, where it became popular until the 1930s. Rattan furniture has become an essential and most iconic form where many homeowners use it for interior decoration. It is a significant piece that permeated and became a revival to other furniture items. Indeed, rattan furniture never went out of fashion, and it remained very prominent and leisurely and used for coastal styles and decoration. Its presence remains one of the one style furnishings in the present age, while the traditional living rooms are not exceptional. Bedrooms, farmhouses, kitchens, and any aspect of your home can stand out with the influence of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture isn’t only meant for outdoor, as it is spotlighted in magazines everywhere for indoor use again. Although it can get overwhelming when designing a space, rattan goes with literally everything— making you more boho-chic with each addition! Most the worlds rattan furniture is handmade and imported from Indonesia, making it somewhat hard for many people to access it. Besides some company’s preordering rattan furniture every month while other people simply restock their store during popular times— consumers are often left with limited options. The Queen of Rattan has taken a different approach, working directly with producers and manufacturers— bringing a wide range of options directly to consumers.


What Rattan Furniture Brings To Your Home

The primary appeal offered by the rattan furniture products is through the resurgence of the boho decoration. Modern bohemian aesthetics are created through rattan furniture, while significant or renowned designers use the furniture products all through their homes. According to Briana Summers, she loves incorporating rattan into her home because it is an easy way to bring warmth, boho vibes and makes her family feel lazy and cozy. She added that the shapes they are made into are unique while it also offers different patterns. More so, the space occupied by the rattan furniture is relatively less obvious and offers you many looks without breaking the bank. The uniqueness of the patterns also gives you a lot of room without closing up space in your entire home.

Generally, rattan furniture can be shaped into different looks, while nearly every room in your home can have a different and unique pattern of this elegant furniture. Rattan is an easy, quick way to add a fresh look, says Kristin Jones, the owner of apparel homes and furnishings. The simplicity and versatility that the rattan furniture offers are pretty attractive. It also helps functions instantly blending into the “Rattan is thought of as a summery piece, but you can easily cozy it up with velvet during the winter,” says Jones.

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Rattan Side Table

Of course, no home is complete or well-arranged without a side table that functions as a decorating piece. The trendy and traditional rattan frame or a modernized woven side table can be one of your best choices for your home. A woven rattan top-side table complements your existing furniture with open curves and a frame base pattern that is quite interesting. The small side of the table packs a natural texture and can easily fit into a small space. It is also available in different colors to match either your home painting or your furniture color.


Rattan Room Divider

The room divider is increasingly becoming popular, and since the pandemic has started, many people are working from home. The decorative nature and offered by this piece helps achieve a bit of work that would help keep your home tidy. Besides, it hides that background mess off the front view of your room. More so, any visitor in your home would not be able to see the un-arranged home you have at the back of the divider. Whether you are on a zoom call or trying to hide those misplaced clothes of yours, the divider does a good job to ensure you have a cozy room without blocking any natural light off your home. When the divider isn’t in use, it can also serve as a decorative option for your wall or the corner of your home.

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Rattan Coffee Table

Yes, your daily morning coffee isn’t something that should be boring; you can always enjoy your coffee on a substantial piece of furniture. Together with this coffee table, you can have your mood lightened and achieve a perfect enhanced room with your design’s cool interest. The texture and design instantly warm your living room, while a clean profile and upscale coastal style can easily match your home. A matching side table can also be used to complement the elegance and interestingly keep your home beautiful.


Rattan Bed Headboard

The amazing thing about this piece of furniture is that there is no section of your interior space that cannot utilize this elegant piece of woven furniture. The trend surge this year has made the desire and continued interest of most homeowners grew. The headboard’s flowery shape harmonizes the natural elements and gives you the young and modern vibes in your bedroom. Besides, the headboard doesn’t connect to the bed frame, making it a standalone beautifying piece that can make your home interestingly beautiful. At the same time, you can always choose the desired color and finish that matches your bed frame and also complements your wall painting.


The Durability And Quality Of Rattan Furniture

Of course, every piece of furniture is meant to complement the home and add a distinctive look to the house. Since the world has adopted the idea to bring rattan furniture into the interior space, most people consider it less long-lasting. Generally, the rattan furniture is designed to last long and withstand any form of environmental pressure. Both under rain and sunlight, it stands out as rugged and practical furniture that cannot be put aside. This is why it is always put outside, and it is still effectively very ok. The sustainability and durability it offers cannot be matched by any other piece of furniture that is known.

According to Patrice Gerber, the co-founder of the home décor company Kouboo, he stated that the charming effect of rattan furniture is that every piece is unique. “You can expect some variance in the shade, grain, and size,” Gerber says. To easily incorporate the beauty and elegance offered by the rattan furniture into your home, you do not have to drop a small fortune of this exceptional furniture, but arrange your home with a touch that is made in so such a way that looks nice.

Besides, you can quickly get many styled looks of the furniture piece for your living room or bedroom based on your preferences. Similarly, there are newly designed and fresh rattan furniture to add to your home’s texture and style without going out of style. Here are some new ideas and designs of rattan furniture you can add to your home and elevate the style.


The Future Of Rattan Furniture

The wave of the rattan furniture trend can make your entire home look warmer and cozier in an instant!  Trends, as they say repeat themselves— so call your grandma, aunty, or cousin Larry and see if they have any gems you can dust off and give new life too. Gone are those days when rattan furniture is only meant for the outdoors!