New Vocabularies That Have Been Incorporated Into Relationships


A relationship is dynamic, and every year, a new language is added to the dating system making dating more complicated. As singles who want to get back into the dating field, there are some things you must know — looking back to the steps we have taken in our relationship in the years and the effect of it on us and the future possibilities of the relationship.

“Plenty of Fish” shows that 22% of the engaged couples meet with each other on different online dating sites, apps. Dating is changing, and it might seem as if it’s becoming worse year in year out. There are moments when you made a fool out of yourself in the presence of your dates. The annual dating trend surface report of plenty of fish gives us a glimpse into what we should be expecting in the dating game and the latest relationship terms to look out for.

Here are some of the new vocabularies that have been incorporated into relationships:


It means having a new fond interest and engaging in activities and hobbies of the person you are dating that you would otherwise not do. They pretend to enjoy the excitement and hobbies of their partner even though they are not convenient with it.


This is another relationship trend and new vocabulary in dating that means continuously and consistently reaching out and dating the wrong type of person, and dating someone that you are not compatible with. Or being in love with someone you cannot have. This is more common for ladies (60%} than men (35%).

Yellow carding 

This is when you are accused or called out for your lack of proper dating etiquette and poor dating behavior. As the name implies, it is a warning sign given to people to remind them of their harmful actions and warn them about their poor dating behavior as well as telling them to be cautious of their behavior. Many singles consent to have behaved likewise on a date.


This happens when you are not sure whether the person you like has the required dating abilities that you like, and so you keep texting them just enough to retain their interest


This happens when your partner’s ex keeps reaching out to you or haunting and taunting you, either through social media or letters.


This happens when someone you think is in love with you as much as you are in love with them bails out and leaves without any warning.


It happens when someone disappears after the honeymoon period. They stay for just the exciting moment and leave when things are beginning to get tough.


It means jumping from one relationship to another, giving no time between the old relationship and a new one.


Sometimes, some people cannot just do without hearing themselves out. People who are on a date spend hours talking about themselves, their achievements, they engage in self-appraisal to impress the other person without listening or giving room for the other person to talk. Everything being discussed during the course of the date centers on themselves.

White clawing 

It is one of the relationship trends where people choose to stay or remain in a relationship with people that they find irritating, but because they find them physically attractive, facially and body wise, they overlook the irritation, choosing to endure it. Many singles who have been on dates attest that this happens. They decide to stay in a relationship not because they find their dates amusing or fun to be with but because of their amazing physical qualities, elegance, and style.

Cause playing 

This occurs when a relationship dies down, and only one person is striving to get back, I’m touch. This one person is responsible for calling back the other person and tries to reunite with them. He is the one who seeks the other out and begs for a favor to engage in activities that may bring them back together again. Most singles testify to the fact that they have also call back their partners after the breakup.

Dial toning

Giving out your number to people and ignoring their calls when they call is one of the latest trends in dating. They give out their number to someone who shows interest in them and end up neglecting and ignoring them when those people reach out to them. Some consents to the fact that they have also been victims of this.


This happens when people dress up for a date and then call to cancel on their partners at the last minute. Many people can relate to this as they have either done it for someone or have been victims of this act.


When you are messaging and in constant conversation with a person you have never met in real life, and each time a discussion comes up for face to face encounters, the person avoids the conversation, and then it is possible that you are being catfished.


When you are closely watched and monitored by the person who once left you and vanished from your life.


When someone is dating based on love language or a person’s personality.

Slow fading 

This happens when the whole relationship dies down, and you slowly detach yourself from the person you have been dating; you no longer reply to his or her calls or texts.

Deep linking

Making your interest in someone known by liking and commenting on pictures they have posted way back.


Sending out a text to your partner but not showing commitment or enough interest.


It means you are not fully committed to the relationship and are still testing things out. You talk, flirt, hang out, but you fear to take the necessary steps towards commitment. You carry on with no intention of taking it beyond a superficial level.


This means using your social media handles and posts to target a particular person, catch their attention until they reply or comment on your post.