Music Education in Schools: Is It Really Necessary?


Music education is not only for those aspiring to be musicians with instruments or vocals. It would be best if music education is incorporated into the syllabus for all schools to teach.

Sadly, only the high-end schools teach music to the kids interested. The other schools exclude music education and replace it with other subjects. With music taken away from most schools, most kids will not learn the impact of music on their development.

Luckily there are affordable private and full-time sessions in some music schools like Let’s explore the importance of enrolling your kids in music lessons as early as possible.

Stimulates Brain Development

Some studies encourage children to engage in music to improve their brain development. To be specific, a study placed students playing a musical instrument with better neural processing than those who didn’t or merely listening to music. This means that receiving a music education is better than just listening to background music when studying other subjects. Besides, music students prove to have a higher IQ in general academic achievement.

Music education is also an excellent method of enhancing reading understanding abilities in children. Children enrolled in music classes also gained better speech processing abilities and reading marks than the others with no music education. Reading is a crucial skill for all children’s development, even in subjects that do not involve English; for instance, you need to read and understand a maths problem to solve it.

Promotes Connection with Others

Music education involves learning as a group hence provides a way for students to connect with others. Besides, what’s a better way of playing an instrument and singing without your friends joining?

Children are naturally social creatures; hence it is essential to offer them beautiful experiences to share among themselves. Music education is an excellent way of bringing them together to build meaningful relationships.

For instance, it would be better to encourage them to create a school band or group recitals and musicals to work together as teams. Better still, they can work together to achieve a unique final product for showcasing like end-year performance. This way, they will bond and also have something to reminisce about in the future. As grown-ups, they will share how they once participated in musical performances in their school with their kids.

Moreover, listening to music together leads to people creating bonds. You can have an impromptu guitar circle or listen to a favorite recorded music piece that is likely to connect people using sound, dance, and even singing along. Such musical moments create or bring back fond memories to cherish.

Teaches Discipline

Music will teach children to enhance their time management skills as well as discipline. Students learning their instruments, including away practice from school, will need to learn how to create a practice schedule.

This means that they will need to balance every other activity they have in school and life in general without missing any sessions daily. This way, they improve their time management skills of being punctual and the discipline of attending all sessions required.

Without a doubt, developing discipline and time management skills from a tender age will have numerous benefits on a child’s future. For instance, if a child learns discipline in primary school, they stand a high chance of balancing the workload they’ll have in high school and still shine in their studies.

Excelling in high school allows a student the chance to choose a respectable post-secondary institution they would like to join. This will result in them gaining excellent job prospects as adults.

Acts As a Stress-Reliever

Music is the food to the soul; hence it’s an excellent way to eliminate stress. This is a terrific method to use on students who feel overwhelmed by balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Also, some studies show music can decrease burnout and recover mood states. When students join the upper classes of the school system and consider admission to post-secondary schools, they may start feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to maintain high grades.

Similarly, even young students can get stress with the accumulative amounts of homework school curriculums involve. Conversely, students have stressful lives back at home; hence music offers an escape to those sad situations.

It would help if you sound-tracked your classroom to help ease stress and anxiety among your students as a class teacher. This way, you will create an attentive learning ambiance with great moods from you and your students.

Offers a Sense of Achievement

When your child learns to play their favorite instrument or even hit some vocals and dictions in a chorus boosts their confidence. Learning these roles is not easy even for a grown-up and may take a long time, but achievement is the end-goal.

Being in a music class with fellow students and friends encourages them to work hard in learning their specific roles to be part of something great at the end. Instead of always using the keynotes to play the keyboard and learning to play freestyle is quite an improvement and achievement in general. Besides, a parent will only invest in buying home instruments for a child who knows how to use them well.

Apart from achieving high marks in the music class, these skills can also lead your child to a fruitful music career in the future. It can also lead to recognition in society; for instance, people can refer to your child as the one who plays the best guitar or sings in the church choir.

Music education for your children is beneficial in many ways. It will shape their future to being responsible, talented, and disciplined adults. Performing a musical piece is likely to bring fear and nervousness. This way, kids learn how to deal with anxiety by taking risks, making them confident to reach their potential. Better still, what better way of having your kids spend their holidays if not learning and enjoying music? It is an excellent way for your kids to pass the time.