The rising demand for modern housing has paved the way for modern painting techniques that have redefined the whole art of creating modern homes. It is everyone’s dream to own a home that guarantees both comfort and style.

However, most people fail to understand the power of modern painting techniques and their ability to turn your house into a beautiful structure of its own.

There’s more to modern painting techniques than the elevation of overall appearance of your house. Whereas having a diligent knowledge about paint décor and an infinite variety of shades and colors is necessary, the technique used to apply the paint is of much importance. Modern painting techniques can be applied to both the interior and the exterior of your house.

The Modern Interior Painting Techniques

These are usually wall painting techniques you can use to transform the interior appearance of your home like the ones used in south west London. When applied appropriately, modern interior painting techniques will uplift your interior design décor, giving your house a unique and refreshing look. These techniques include;


Raging is more similar to the sponge painting technique, but instead uses a rag as a primary tool to apply the paint. The raging painting technique creates splendid effects on your wall, bringing an appearance of shifting color density. You can use different types of rags to achieve different textures as per the fabrics. Though the technique doesn’t create a uniform look on your wall, it produces a stunning highlight.

Different wall effects can be achieved depending on the amount of coating applied. The good thing with raging is that you can decide to use the rag alone or attach it to a paint roller. For the raging technique to be more effective, ensure your walls are clean and the defects are well repaired.

Color Washing

Color washing is a popular painting technique that involves using a thinned-out paint with a finish to create a stylish look on your interior wall. The technique was developed with oil-based solutions because of the longer time it took to dry; however, it has been modernized to use water-based paints. Color washing adds visual texture to your rooms and can also be used to cover up a damaged or imperfect wall.

It is useful when used with long, sweeping strokes. The strokes help to bring the paint colors together. Any paint color can be used for color washing, especially if it is a concrete colored paint. To get the best effect, select two shades of the same tone that work well together.


This interior painting technique creates an appearance ideal for a modern home. It is a refined technique that adds or removes various paints to the base coat with a help of a paintbrush. To create a superb stippling effect, the wall has to be divided into vertical sections, and different coatings applied to each area. This helps to create vertical lines with significant faint transitions.

Stippling also helps in hiding the imperfections on your wall, while at the same time displaying some lavishness. Different dimensional looks can be created by stippling. It would help if you mastered the technique well and know how to achieve the uniformity of colors.

Tips for Interior Painting

Apart from just the technique to paint, your colors’ choice indicates some level of physiological importance. If you use the right techniques but with an unappealing color, the result may as well disappoint you. Here are a few tips that could be helpful.

Select Warm and Neutral Colors

Neutral colors bring a sense of harmony to everyone. Choose colors that anyone would love and be comfortable with. Beige, gray, and gold are the right colors for interior wall painting.

Have Separate Priorities for Each Room in Your House

A small but appropriately painted room tends to appear larger than it is. When light colors are used to paint small rooms, larger spaces usually appear. Warm and dark colors are appropriate for larger rooms. They ‘squeeze’ the extra space to give you a cozy feeling. You can also allow the effect of natural light in your room to guide in the best choice of color.

Modern Exterior Painting Techniques

Not so many people consider exterior painting techniques for the exterior walls of their houses. However, applying these techniques isn’t a crime. You can choose to give a perfect finish to your home by adding little splashes of color and texture. Some of the techniques in modern exterior painting include;


The creation of marble effects with paint gives your exterior concrete an ideal look. It helps add a touch of elegance to the outside appearance of your house with very cheap materials. Marbleizing doesn’t limit you with the choice of color needed to design the marble’s swirls. To achieve an excellent marbleizing effect, make sure to do the following;

Ensure there is no debris on the wall as it ruins the marbleizing effect. Also, the wall should be in excellent condition to give the impact a good appearance.

Decorative Stucco

The stucco finish gives your exterior wall an attractive texture. This popular decorative wall painting has a boldness touch that transforms the bare concrete exterior walls’ appearance. Decorative stucco works best when customized with enhancements such as stones or pebbles. The technique of adding pebbles or stones to a stucco wall is called pebble-dashing.

Before applying stucco finish on your exterior walls, ensure your wall is clean and in good condition. Always mix with your favorite paint and apply it appropriately.

Tips for Exterior Painting Techniques

The first view of your house is usually its exterior appearance. Hence, giving it a pleasing appearance speaks volumes. For a walled brick house, a new painting may not augment its look to your satisfaction. Stucco painting is the ideal painting technique in such a case.

The addition of too many colors also creates an unintended distraction from your original motive. It is good to seek experts’ advice for a quality full exterior painting whenever you feel undecided on what to consider. Selecting the right painting technique can be quite overwhelming, always ensure the particular technique you choose gives your house the best modern appearance.