Get your home ready to receive potential buyers is very important. Have a clean and fresh house at that moment will impress them easily and many times, that is the secret of a fast sold, but also, it will help you to increase its value. If you were wondering how to sell your house fast in a slow market, from here, we could give some tips and advice to get better results.

From the moment you decide to put your beloved home for sale, it will be necessary to have specific tasks in mind that will help you to see it more attractive for those potential buyers. For example, you can start by removing your family photos or pictures, and you can place landscape photos. Also, you can replace your carpets if they are not in good condition or directly remove them, but you can leave new and clean carpets in the bathrooms. You can do the same with the hand towels and only use them or show them when you receive visits.

Also, you can see if the kitchen faucets work correctly as well as the plumbing. Clean your floors and check that the tiles or ceramics are in good condition.

You will wonder if all this is necessary. The answer is yes! Many families have followed these tips and have been able to sell their homes in a month. We know that it can be an exhausting routine, but it is also necessary if you want to sell your house as soon as possible.

Get Ready as Soon as Possible

The arrangements that your house needs should start from the day you plan to put it on sale. Generally, you should set a time limit, for example, 90 days before putting it on the market and thus take the time necessary to make the arrangements you see it needs so that you can organize yourself in a better way.

Ask to a Professional

Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of a real estate expert who is near you as he can help you with the latest price developments and advise you inside or outside your home to make it more presentable.

Your goal is to look at your home with different eyes and be as sincere as possible. He can give you advice on what changes you should make, for example, he may notice things that you, as the owner has not been able to. He can help you by telling you what repairs or renovations you can do and what will add value to your home.

Fix, Clean, Paint

Some sellers are not sure whether or not to make changes before putting their houses up for sale because they have the idea that the next owners will set the rooms according to their tastes. But most buyers intend to move to homes that are already excellent and the right conditions, and the changes they should make are minimal.

Here are some practical tips to achieve the desired result with little effort:

  • Do not leave personal things insight as buyers want to see the space without distractions. Sort the rooms, remove any collection you have and if you have children, order their shoes and toys.
  • It is advisable to remove any large piece of furniture you have to create space. In this way, the buyer will see the actual size of the rooms. You can also paint the walls in a neutral color to make it look lighter. Also, change the lamps if they do not look good.
  • Do not forget that potential buyers will review the entire room, space for space, and this includes the cabinets and closets. Fix them, and if you need a place to store your stuff, choose a small room but neat and clean.
  • Look at it from outside. Remember that the first impression is the most important, so be critical to your house.
  • Maybe your house is fantastic, but if it is not clean, potential buyers will see it. The home must be immaculate.
  • Once you have finished with the order and cleaning, see if your home smells. A bad smell will discourage the buyer, although the house is spectacular. The old cliché of adding some aromatic candles or flowers works very well.

Check Your Expenses

Try not to spend too much. People who must make significant changes or arrangements in their homes before selling them do not recover it with the sale of the house. That is why it is convenient to start the repairs little by little and with time. Try to spend the necessary. Also, you should not take into account at the sale moment what you have paid for your home because the market and your home changes too.

Try not to put a high price on your house, or you will not sell it. Check with your real estate agent if what you want is to sell it in the short term.

Do Not Lose the Rhythm

The longer a property takes in the market, the more it costs the owners to keep it in the best conditions. So we suggest keeping making the cleaning of your home, garden, etc. If you do small things every day, you will see that it will not become a burdensome task.


According to real estate experts, selling a home can take up to 10 months. The conventional approach to the year is a problem if we want to sell our house quickly. Therefore, we hope that with these tips on how to sell a home faster and at a reasonable price, it is a more straightforward task and is helpful.

There is one thing you should keep in mind: our house has to stand out among hundreds of apartments that are through the Internet. Also, apart from the advice given above, always have on hand any documentation referring to your home since the buyer can request it to inform you about the residence state.