Less Is More A.K.A ‘Trump’s Defense’


The Impeachment trial has finally ended after hours of arguments presented by Trump’s superstar legal team. The POTUS has stirred up a lot of controversies, and not surprisingly, so has his legal team. Just as the team was wrapping up, a comment was brought to attention, one that was rumored to be mumbled by the senate claiming trump’s head would “…be one a pike.”

This, of course, caused an uproar. The court claiming that comments and instances like these were only brought up to create distractions from the facts.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff commented, claiming: “that’s what you do when your client is guilty when your client is dead to rights.” If this strategy will prove fruitful for the president’s case is unknown.

Democrats Claim the Trump’s Defense made a case for Witnesses

As part of the defense strategy, the defense team continued to claim that there were no witnesses or testimonies. Senate Republicans rejected multiple efforts from the democrats to release the proper documents that would allow for witness testimony. However, looking at the signed document of whether or not to allow witness testimony includes signatures from both parties.

This is nothing that the defense team needs to worry about, as there were never enough to get anything moving.

Shorter Arguments Make for Better Defense

As part of the law, the defense had a total of 24 hours to make their case and defend Trump. However, shocking everyone, the defense decided to use only 2 of those, wrapping up much quicker than expected. This is said to be part of the bold strategy used by the defense, making it seem as if there is nothing to prove.

When asked to comment on the strategy, senator John Barrasso showed his support stating, “What we saw today, in just two short hours, is what the House left out in 21 hours, all in the effort to undermine and impeach and remove this president, and to undermine the election of 2020.” Others would comment that it was refreshing to see a case wrapped up so quickly, leaving no room for all the nonsense and only stating the facts and the most important events of the case.

 Unfair Treatment of the POTUS

Trump’s Twitter fingers are surely on everyone’s watch list, with the country always on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what he will say. Since the beginning of the accusations, the team has brought up the unfair treatment of the president. The democrats are attempting to soil his reputation. He claims that those in support of his impeachment have painted a horrible and very incorrect picture of him as a person, claiming that it borders along the lines of defamation. Since day one, Trump has labeled to trial and the accusations a “hoax.”

The defense claims to impeach Trump would be ‘irresponsible’

Leaving spectators a bit shocked, before wrapping up after just two hours White House counsel Patrick Cipollone pleaded for only a few more minutes to wrap up. In his statement, he called the move to Impeach the president, “a completely irresponsible abuse of power.” He touched on the fact that the very thought of Trump’s evolvement with any of the events that were part of the allegations as absurd and just a front to throw off his high chances of success in this year’s presidential elections.

Another strong argument presented by the defense was the fact that, when the efforts of impeachment began, the White House did not abide by the rules. The subpoenas issued were not legally valid, and therefore the defense argued that the entire case from accusations to the trail was unnecessary. They also made sure to bring to the court’s attention the fact that initial investigations made history as the fastest investigatory period of an impeachment.

The show must go on

Arguments are set to continue on Monday, January the 26th. The defense team already commented on the short time they will require, leaving the court not expecting them to use much of their 24 hours, which remain. Members of the defense have said that the rest of their arguments will be ‘efficient and quick’ as there is not much more to present in a case that should not have started in the first place.

Trump himself has commented on the ‘mockery’ of the Democrat’s attempt to abuse the legal system. Throughout the entire trial period, he has taken to Twitter to voice his strong opinions against this whole frenzy. He is known for his outspokenness, leaving nothing off the table when it comes to expressing his views. He has commented on the character of many members of the house and senate that are in favor of his impeachment, especially Adam Schiff. It is unknown whether or not he will keep his Twitter account rolling with punches after the defense closes, but there is a close watch on what move he will make next.

Closing Arguments

While the Democrats took their time with accusations, attempting to prove Trump’s involvement with Ukraine, the defense will do precisely the opposite. They have taken on the case as an open and closed one, hitting only on critical topics. Their overall method of defense is to discredit those accusing the president and to make the point clear that Trump ‘did nothing wrong.’ Their fast pace is a defense method to try and say to the world that there is nothing to see, only the fact that the president has been continuously ‘picked on’ since his time in office.

The defense is set to speak, followed by a review of the case until a verdict is reached. Though the outcome is unpredictable, the fact is most of those who have kept a close watch on the trail all agree; Trump has the upper hand. Only time will tell, but the defense says they plan to see Trump on the podium in the scheduled State of the Union address on February the 4th.