How to Pack For a Summer Trip to Croatia


Nothing will be as irritating as improper packing for a much-anticipated trip to your favorite new destination-Croatia. Overpacking or under packing can ruin your vacation in a split of a second, even if it’s your dream destination.

Besides, how are you going to make memories if you forgot to carry a camera? Buying things you did not plan for will ruin your budget and cut short on your trip. Well, because we wouldn’t wish such a trip even on our worst enemies, this guide will help you pack well for your Croatia trip.

Besides, summer is the best time to visit Croatia in so many ways.

Type of Luggage

Summertime is beach time, mostly. Therefore you will not need a lot of clothing since people underdress when it is summer hot. Because you will need casual dresses, Croatians are okay with such, so you won’t need to carry huge luggage.

Such a trip would require few essentials that you would easily carry around in the streets; hence a carry-on backpack is a great fit. Make sure your backpack is super comfortable and has a lot of compartments that are easy to pack.

For a day-pack, look for a smaller bag that can fit in your main backpack. Small enough  to fit a camera, water bottle, and other necessities would be preferable.


Since it’s tempting to spend your entire vacation on the beach, it would be best to take time and visit other places hence the need to incorporate other summer clothes apart from beachwear.

Also, carry some warm clothes to wear during cold mornings and night. At the beach, you will need cover-ups to protect or hide sunburns.


Most of Croatia’s old town has cobblestones grounds so that you will need shoes with excellent grip. Preferably, limit your amount to just three pairs on this trip. For instance;

Sandals: A comfortable pair of sandals for your sea time and mountains visit would do you great. However, look for hardy sandals to protect you from sea urchins and handle the rugged mountain terrains. They should also be classy to walk around in town.

Evening walks: You can have some sneakers or plan to go for dinner in high-end restaurants and carry something suitable.

Flip-flops: For your wanders in town and also beach walks, this will be a great fit. Please make sure they are light not to tire your legs from walking around various areas of Croatia.

Accessories and Technology

Ain’t no summer without sunglasses! Be sure to have two pairs just in case one gets damaged or lost during your stay. Also, carry a quick-dry travel towel with you at all times. Even the extra-large size weighs nothing to bother you.

It’s always a big deal to carry some technology gadgets with you on your travel. For instance, your phone, camera, and a mini laptop with earphones would be just enough and perfect. Do not forget to carry various chargers and back-up batteries as well. Besides, nobody wants to be offline on vacation.


If you have an underlying medical condition, ensure you carry your prescribed medicines, insurance card, and other necessary medical documents. Always be ready for any emergencies.

Other than that, pack your painkillers, antacids, and some bandages. If you can get a small portable first-aid kit to fit in your bag, it would even better.


With a carry-on backpack, ensure your liquid toiletries are in an adequate size to fit and tightly sealed. For toiletries, you can carry things like a tangle teaser, disposable toilet brush and toothpaste, sunscreen, small bar soap, solid shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and a razor. Also, have a few spare zip-lock bags if you need to shop for anything from Croatia.

There you go! The point is packing wise and enough. This way, you will not ruin your vacation hence have a memorable stay in Croatia.