How to Get Rid of Pet Odor from Your Carpet


Having pets, especially dogs, is one of the easiest ways of getting super close to animals as a human. This closeness leads to stronger bonds between you and your pet, which in turn gives them unspoken freedom to do whatever they wish, wherever they want, including answering to calls of nature right onto your carpet. Additionally, the odor from their body can, at times, be unpleasant, and this mostly remains stuck on your fluffy carpets.

These four-legged, fluffy buddies won’t stop at that. They will go ahead to drop their fur all over the carpet, which would demand regular cleaning to keep the carpets hygienic. But how do you achieve high-quality cleanliness in the presence of your vibrant pets? Let’s find out below.


Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways of getting rid of the fur and other light droppings from your pets. However, this process might demand that you follow some essential steps to achieve maximum results. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Get the room ready to be vacuumed

This step is crucial as it helps in preventing spoilage of your vacuum cleaner. Start by picking up any big objects that may obstruct the vacuum cleaner’s movement, including toys, papers, or other objects. Check even carefully for metallic items like coins that might have dropped on the carpet and pick them up to avoid damaging the machine.

  • Clean the hard-to-reach areas

After getting rid of every possible obstacle you may think of, it is prudent that you start by cleaning the hidden areas the carpet is covering. You will achieve this quickly by using a nozzle attachment that will reach these areas more comfortable. These areas often include the baseboards and the edges of the carpet, which tend to accumulate more dirt and are even favorite spots for your pets to scratch their body against, leaving their fur behind.

Sometimes moving your furniture around might be hectic. In such cases, use the cranny extension to access the hidden areas under the couches and the other regions to suck away fur and other dirt.

  • Horizontal and Vertical vacuuming

This includes vacuuming the entire room in a forward and backward movement, then repeating the same process in a left to right movement. These movements help you to achieve maximum dirt removal from your carpet. No fur or light pet dander would survive this thorough cleaning process.

  • Make it a regular process

The number of persons and pounds of pets in your household determines how frequently you carry out your vacuuming. If you are a couple with say two cats in your house, you should consider vacuuming a week thrice. When you are just alone with a roughly 60 pounds dog, you ought to vacuum four times in a week. The increasing frequency with increasing weight or number of pets is because the bigger or more the pets are, the more fur and dander they produce.

However, you could always consider doing your cleaning any time your carpet is soiled or littered with hair without necessarily following the routine above.

Spot Cleaning Your Carpet

Your pet’s urine not only leaves behind a pungent smell but also stains that might require concentrated attention to get rid of. To fully get rid of both stain and odor, you should:

  • Get a clean white piece of cloth

It’s essential to use a white piece of cloth to avoid staining your carpet even further when you use a colored piece of cloth that may be shed on your carpet. Since you are cleaning a small spot on your carpet, you will only need a small piece of cloth to do that effectively.

  • Choose an ideal carpet cleaner

Choosing an ideal carpet detergent may prove difficult if you do not understand the stain’s needs. However, you shouldn’t worry. When picking a detergent specifically for pet urine, pick an enzyme-based cleaner that’s designed explicitly for stains of this nature. The cleaners come in spray bottles, which makes them easy to use on specific spots on your carpet.

  • Clean the affected area

With the right detergent, you are now set to start the cleaning. Begin by testing the detergent on hidden parts of the carpet to be sure it is not going to stain your carpet even more. After that, apply a small quantity of the detergent to the little piece of white cloth and gently blot the stain.

After that, rinse the spot with a separate clean white cloth with water. Sock up any remaining soap by blotting the stained area then allow it to air-dry completely. 

Get Professional Cleaning Services

The above options and of carpet cleaning might either be expensive or difficult for you to carry out effectively. So you may need the services of professional cleaners to help with the whole cleaning process. These professionals know how to deal with pet odor perfectly well and so considering them for these services is time-saving and efficient for you.

Professionals will come fully equipped with all the requisite tools for the job and will even offer extra cleaning services on your coaches and other surfaces based on your agreement. Plus, the professional teams know the pet-friendly chemicals to use in cleaning your carpet, so you won’t have to worry about your pets being affected by the chemicals used on the carpet after cleaning.

Getting around the figure of what it costs to get top-notch cleaning services may also give you a perfect plan on how to schedule your monthly cleaning program. This makes it easier to maintain regular high-quality cleaning schedules as opposed to the cleaning you carry out yourself.

Do not let dirty and smelly carpets ruin the blossoming relation between you and your pets, let the pets live their lives freely as you take care of any mess they might cause while at that. You can always choose any of the options above in taking care of your carpets, but if the first two prove a challenge to you, never shy about picking your call and inviting professional help to your home.