How to Do a Proper Bedroom Makeover


Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom sleeping, relaxing, and even enjoying? The bedroom is the safe space for most people to handle all life situations; joys, tears, shock, and even worry. Besides, where do you think people have their sleepless nights?

Even though everyone loves sleeping, people don’t pay much attention to their bedrooms. It would be best if it always looked tidy because it is a place for relaxing and unwinding. It would be best if you made your room your ideal sanctuary arranged in a specific manner that speaks more of your personality.

Besides, a poor layout, untidy and old beddings, cluttered floors, and even dull walls would not allow you enough rest and full energy. Well, sleep is essential, and poor sleep habits cause a lot of health problems as well.

Do you care to improve your bedroom? Let’s have some make-over!

De-Clutter Your Room

De-clutter means throwing away trash and removing unnecessary things. Most people loathe this task, but it is the essential stage. To help you get through quickly, you can try playing your favorite music.

Get rid of broken and waste products and take out things that don’t belong to your bedrooms, such as cups and plates. Before trashing every paper lying around, go through each of them, file the important ones, and throw the rest.

If you find things you haven’t used for over six months, then they are worth eliminating. However, things like clothes, shoes, books, jewelry, makeup, and even useful CDs do not belong in the trash. Instead, donate or give them away.

Next, organize everything else that is useful and remains behind. Have your clothes in hangers or folded neatly. Also, arrange your shoes on the shoe rack. Put them neatly out of the way, so you don’t trip and fall. It would help if you found an ideal spot for everything and take advantage of the storage solutions available.

After taking out all the trash, donating some valuables, and storing your belongings properly, your room will start to look better. It’s time to clean your room thoroughly by dusting all the surfaces to vacuuming and mopping the floor. Remember to begin from the high surfaces to the floor. Do not forget to wash the blinds/curtains and take out everything under the bed.

Upgrade Your Beddings

You sleep on and in matters; hence it is ideal to have quality and beautiful beddings long-lasting. From the sheets, duvets, blankets to the pillows and their cases, you can find excellent options for cost-effective prices at

If you are wondering what colors to have on the beddings, you can opt for a pattern for a bold look or a solid color for a traditional appearance. Then you play about with the pillowcases and duvets/blankets having different shades.

However, always remember to choose a color you love and blend it with your furniture and other accessories like the floor mats. Better still, if you can afford, go for sheets with a higher thread count as well as eiderdown comforter. Rest assured, you will enjoy relaxing on your transformed bed.

Change the Appearance of the Walls

Changing the color of your walls will significantly improve the appearance of your bedroom. Moreover, paint your room your favorite color. Also, ensure it blends in with your items on display, such as the dresser or any artwork.

When painting, make sure you move everything away from the wall and mask the ceilings and baseboards. Remember to start with two coats of the primer and dry before applying the color coats thoroughly. Preferably, use a roller to paint long and even strokes.

For an open and airy space, you should paint using white, yellow, or grey shades. If you want a more dramatic look, you can paint one wall with a bold shade and the other with a gentle hue. There are many colors to use for your bedroom wall.

Still, you can use wallpaper instead of paint to transform your walls instantly. Ensure you pick a color or pattern you love because changing wallpaper is complicated than repainting. Remember to have the correct measurements when buying the wallpaper and have extra inches just in case you end up using more than anticipated. Better still, you can have a professional fix it for you.

You can also have wall hangings like a mirror or even your portrait. This adds more life to a bare wall and a sense of ownership.

Update and Arrange Your Furniture

If you can afford it, it would be better to change old furniture to new ones. This will give your bedroom a completely new look. Well, you don’t have to change all the furniture but maybe your bed, dresses and have a recliner as well.

Ensure you make a perfect statement that blends well with your personality and style. You can also check for second-hand furniture from yard sales within your area.

Conversely, you can paint your furniture for a quick and easy make-over. Always remember to use safe and specialized paint for whatever surface you are working on. Use the shades that blend with your new walls to emphasize the new, improved room.

Still, you can rearrange your furniture to create a new look. You can move your bed from the corner to the center or move the desk or chair to a different position. Bear in mind to leave enough space to move around and also access the door quickly.

Also, use a headboard to emphasize the focal point of your bed. Your bed being the centerpiece of the room, it should look different and attractive. Consider swapping the existing or adding a headboard to it. Pick out a style that mirrors your whole space, like one with curves for a womanly room or a masculine room to have a studded headboard for an intense vibe.

Even better is that you can form a lot of excellent headboards yourself, like a clothed headboard, a poly-leather headboard, or a light-up headboard.

There’s a lot you can do to change the appearance of your bedroom for a better and more relaxing space. The bottom line is to decide to have that change and work towards achieving even the slightest changes. Your bedroom, just like all other rooms, deserves a make-over even more.