How Do Social Media Affect The Relationship?


My partner is hooked to the cell phone all day, she does not separate from it, and I feel that she is taking moments from us, but she does not see it. What do I do? In recent years, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc., have been there to talk with our friends and family, as well as new platforms to expose our worldview with others.

But how do all these influence relationships? We suggest you to keep reading to discover it?

Social Media: The Main Reason of Distrust in The Relationship?

Social networks indeed have positive and negative aspects, like all things. The positive part is that they are beneficial to send messages to our partner, to remind him/her that we love him/her or that we miss him/her. Therefore, it allows us to improve the emotional bond with the other. But the control limits must not be exceeded.

On many occasions, social networks can absorb much of our time, which, on the other hand, is a precious asset and that we could dedicate to our partner. This situation, in many relationships, is a frequent reason for demands and discussions.

On the other hand, overexposure to networks sometimes leads us to make our private lives too public, and it can be harmful if we don’t know how to drive because we allow others to discover too much about us and control us. It is essential to respect the spaces and privacy of the other person. Trust is necessary within a relationship, and there must be spaces of individuality.

Messages on Social Media Cause Misunderstandings

Interpretation possibilities are another added problem. We all know that our mind is creative and can begin to see things, even where there are none. We have to remember that 65% of the language is nonverbal, and 35% is verbal. I. e., we express more with gestures, tone of voice, and look than with words. Therefore, this element must be taken into account to avoid misunderstandings in each other’s messages.

This above means that neither the personalized emails nor the synthetic emoticons, so used to summarize a response or to transmit moods or feelings, are outside the plane of misunderstandings concerning what the other person wanted to express

The punctuation marks deserve a separate mention. If they are misused, they can lead to confusion and offenses of a different tenor.

Shortening words or writing them all in capitals and flooding a message with exclamation marks or questions may seem somewhat intimidating to some, while the more expressive people may interpret the more concise and direct responses, such as a dry “ok,” as lack of interest.

Tips To Avoid Problems in The Couple Due To Social Media

Once we have pointed out some of the possible problems, we will give you some tips that can help social media not be an inconvenience in the relationship:

Agree on Limits

As we all know, being alone is not the same as being with the couple. Therefore, the limits change, the type of conversations, of information, of links with others, may need adaptation, this something we have to talk with our partner, reach an agreement, and also have the same idea of how to manage it. We cannot expect the other by instinct or intuition to act as we want.

Ask Before Accusing

If the couple doesn’t answer us or we see some image that we don’t like or some comment that we think is out of place before we get angry imagining creative stories, we have to think of three possibilities why we couldn’t answer the phone, put a photo or make a similar comment, means, put ourself on that position. This way, we will avoid creating unfounded arguments. And, at the moment of speaking, before accusing, asking and letting him/her explain.

Preserve the Privacy

Limits and time spent offline should also be set because then there is a time when the couple’s intimacy is lost. It is advisable to avoid using the mobile phone when we eat or have dinner, as well as when we go to bed to sleep with our partner. If we go on holiday, it is best to disconnect from everything, including the mobile.

Think Twice Before Accepting an Ex-Partner

Although there are cases in which maintaining a virtual friendship with his/her ex-partner does not affect his/her current relationship, the reality is that it takes a lot of emotional maturities to choose to maintain such a bond. According to the specialist, in most cases, people regret having accepted the contact.

If You are in a Relationship or Married, Let People Know

It is not beneficial to the relationship for others to think that you are single if the reality is otherwise. If you are in a relationship or are married, ideally, you should establish this as a fact in your account. If you choose to do not do it, you are sending a confusing message because, on the one hand, you imply that you are committed and, on the other, that you are not.

Ask Febore Posting

Your partner should always be the priority. That’s especially important when it comes to sharing photos of both of you or details of your dates or your life. Usually, in relationships, one person is more reserved than the other, and that difference can lead to discussions.

Honest conversations about the limits of social media at the beginning of the relationship can prevent surprises in the future. In this regard, it’s best to ask your partner what he or she likes and dislikes about sharing on social networks.


Therefore, if the relationship is honest and sincere, social media will not represent any additional problem. Moreover, the danger of social media does not depend on themselves but the use made of them.

If you have limits and know that you should not cross certain lines because you respect your partner, then there will be no problem.