Here Are Tips To Use If You Are Travelling With A Pet


A vacation is no longer a preserve for a single individual or family. More and more vacationers are taking their pets along whenever they travel.  If you are planning to spend a vacation with your favorite pet, then here are some of the tips to make a road trip or a flight as smooth as possible:

Get to know the embassy requirements

Before you embark on your journey, it would be wise to research the embassy requirements of the country’s destination. Traveling with a pet sometimes dictates the places you can go to and those you can’t. Different nations have different requirements when it comes to pets. Most of the countries will demand proof of quarantine and shots, such as the rabies shots.

You should, therefore, call the embassy ahead of your travel to find out what that particular country requires. You should also do proper documentation of all the necessary paperwork before crossing the border.

Prepare the carrier

Once you have determined the embassy requirements of your host country, you should then start preparing a suitable carrier for your pet. It would help if you went for a kennel with enough room to allow your pet to turn around and stand without hitting its head on the roof.

You should also familiarize your pet with the carrier if it has not traveled in one before. Most airlines have specific crate dimension requirements. However, the standard USDA requirements of the carriers include food and water dishes, bedding, upright arrows, and ”live animal stickers”. You should also attach contact information to your pet’s collar and its carrier.

Exercise with your pet

Another essential thing to do before your planned trip is to exercise with your pet. Ensure you play with your pet or take it for a walk days before your flight. The goal is to make your pet to be as tired as possible. A tired pet will most likely spend a lot of hours sleeping during your flight.

Get a health certificate

You need to get a health certificate before you embark on your trip if you are traveling with your pet. The borderline authorities, hotels, and airlines will demand a health certificate before allowing you entry.

It is advisable to get the health certificate at least ten days before your trip. Ensure to inform the vet of your itinerary so that they include all the required details in the health certificate.

Find out details of local vets

It would help if you also researched local vets in your vacation destination. This information will come in handy in case something happens during your vacation trip. Before you go, ensure you have recorded all the information on the local vets, including their contact information.

Don’t carry excess pet food

You should avoid taking endless amounts of pet food when going on your vacation. You should carry just enough ingredients to last your entire trip. Different countries have different brands of pet food. Instead of focusing on finding a specific brand, look for a food that comes with the same structure. Your pet will respond well with the right ingredients, even if the brand is different.

Carry a pet first aid kit with you

It would be wise if you also considered having a little kit in case of an emergency during your road trip. A first aid kit will come in handy in case of an unforeseen injury during your vocational trip.  Ensure you include all the essential items in the kit.

Call airline if flying with the pet

You should call the airline before you book your flight if you are traveling with your pet. Most airlines have specific regulations for traveling with pets. You need to understand these regulations to help you prepare well for your trip. You will be asked to put your pet in a specific pet carrier with the right dimensions.  Airlines will also ask you to produce health certificates before being allowed on your plane. It is essential to check with the airline for their requirements before you make your booking.

Have a toy

If you are traveling with your pet, you should ensure that you have a toy for distraction during checking in and unpacking. A toy will keep your pet distracted to allow you to check-in or hold a meeting. It will also distract your pet when you are unpacking and organizing the room.

Find a pet-friendly hotel

Before you take your trip, ensure you find a pet-friendly hotel that accepts pets without extra charges. You should also find out the pet policies of your hotel before you make a booking. Find out if the hotel charges additional fees for checking in with pets. You should also find the hotel pet size restrictions before you make your booking. Some hotels also have resident pets that can present a challenge to your pet.

A suitable hotel should provide services for pets such as food and water. Others offer unique pet services, such as pet sitting services.

Book a room on the first floor

Most pet-friendly hotels will allow you to book a first-floor room. Others have pet-friendly rooms that are designed to have direct outside access.  A first-floor room will make it easy for you to travel with your pet. It will also make it easy for you to exercise with your dog by taking a walk.

Limit travel time if traveling with your pet

If you are going on a road trip vacation, it is advisable to limit the time you spend on the road with your pet. The desirable time to travel with your dog in a single day is a maximum of six hours. If you intend to travel for more hours on a single day, ensure you schedule several stops at parks or in a location where you can play with your dog.


Traveling with your pet need not be a daunting task. The tips we have provided today will help you navigate the challenges of border regulations. It will also help you overcome the difficulties of finding pet-friendly accommodation.