Factors to Consider before Hiring House-Cleaning Services

Let’s face it! You always get overwhelmed one moment or the other with house cleaning duties. So much overwhelming can these duties be that you may need someone else or a professional team to achieve this successfully.

Nothing beats the services offered by a well-organized and trained cleaning professionals. However, you should always put some factors into consideration before settling for a given cleaning company. Let us find out what these factors are below.

Get Recommendations from Family and Friends

Getting some necessary information about cleaning companies, your friends, and family members have used before helps a lot. When you get a referral from a friend or family member to a cleaning company they have hired or used before, you are highly likely to hire the same company. Recommendations from friends and family help you to have a more in-depth look at what the company offers and not just what they say they do on their website.

In the end, you will avoid falling victim to the fake information most companies add to lure customers on their website. You will only go for what has been proven and tested by people you trust.

Be Wise while going through the Online Reviews

One of the pages you can find helpful information about a company you want to hire is the reviews section. While online reviews are meant to paint the true picture of what the company is doing, most don’t.

You must have noticed how some companies attract only 100% excellent reviews. This should be a red flag if it appears in a company you have hiring plans. Most companies pay people to write these excellent reviews, so don’t be lured when everything looks rosy.

Again, there are those negative reviews that make 95%, and above the company’s total reviews are getting. You should be worried about this too, as some companies disguised as customers can use it to bring down their competition.

Always go for the company that has a consistent trend of positive reviews with some negative feedback as no company is perfect.

Staff Qualification

One key factor to consider before hiring a cleaning company is the qualification of their staff. You do not need sub-standard people doing rounds in your house, yet you will pay through the nose for the services. Getting qualified teams is an assurance that you will get value for your money.

Apart from just cleaning the house, you may want staff who are qualified to sanitize and arranging your household items. These extra services will make you want to keep your house clean and tidy with cleanandtidyliving.com as they offer exquisite house-cleaning services.


Are you going to hire a company that doesn’t adhere to the legal rules and standards of cleaning services? You cannot afford to take such a risk. When a cleaning company doesn’t comply with the set rules, you risk your health as they may be using cleaning techniques that are dangerous to your health. If not you, the harm may be extended to your property or the environment. So it is prudent that you check out if the company you are about to hire is licensed and approved to offer cleaning services.

The Cleaning Supplies

You have to check if you are about to hire come with their cleaning supplies or if you will have to supply your own. If they do not provide, are they willing to help you out with suggestions of the best cleaning supplies to buy? And are there costs still going to be high even after exempting supplies from the services?

Getting answers to these questions well in advance helps you avoid a lot of surprises. You should weigh the cost differences between a company that comes with cleaning supplies and tools and requires you to get your supplies. After analyzing the cost difference, you can now settle for the more affordable option.

Terms and Conditions of Hiring

We all know how long and tedious it becomes when reading the terms and conditions of service. However, anytime you are soliciting a service company like a cleaning company, you should take a good look at their terms. You do not want to sign for a deal that will force you to pay fines when you decide to cancel a contract with them.

Many cleaning companies charge a cancellation fee as it is difficult to rescheduling cleaners at the last minute. Having this information early makes you plan yourself well to avoid cancellations or even go for a company without such terms.

Are the Staff Employed or Contracted?

While employed staff enjoys better salaries and additional work privileges, contracted ones may not say the same of their working conditions. Getting to understand the nature of the company’s team helps you know what quality of work to expect. Employed staff will do a better job compared to the contracted ones.

Employed staff is usually better trained since the company intends to work with them for a long while; the contracted ones are always given shallow training for cheaper services. Employees are more accountable to their employers and will always outdo themselves by offering the best services to attract bonuses and better working conditions. This means you get to enjoy the best services when you hire such a company.

Accreditations and Experience

Looking for accreditations and experience in a company may seem unfair to the young and upcoming companies, but it is an essential aspect of a company. Accreditations and awards assure you that the company you are about to deal with is reliable in the cleaning services industry. It is an assurance that the company has done all it can to ensure that its clients get the best of services, and that will be the case for you when you hire them.

You can still settle for the young, upcoming companies if you feel they have what it takes to offer the services you need.

Hiring a cleaning company is equal to inviting a stranger into your house, especially if you are dealing with the company for the first time. Therefore, you have to do proper scrutiny of the company and the staff to work in your house before giving them the go-ahead.