Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard that now is a time to sell your home. The market, after its dance with danger, is finally showing some stability, making it the perfect moment to sell. There are a ton of newbies to the market, from first-time homebuyers to investors and more. So, how do you sell your house and sell it fast?

While there are some methods successful sellers swear by, there are also some mistakes that could be detrimental to your selling goals. If you’re a first time or not so experienced seller, you’ll want to avoid saying these things below that are common among rookies.

But it’s my home

The first thing is, first, you got to change your way of thinking, shifting from homeowner to business person. You have to get used to people you have never seen before, poking their heads into your homes peeking into every nook and cranny. This is especially important if you have called this house a home for years, as you may have become emotionally attached.

If you change your thinking a bit and realize that you’re in it for the money, you’ll avoid an awkward burst of unexplainable emotions that could come when selling your home. Keep in mind that buyers are always looking for ways to make you lower your offer, so don’t get offended when they begin to try and talk you down, it’s just business.

I’ll do it on my own

While it may sound like an attractive, cutting out the middle man could leave you with lots of unforeseen work. Real estate agents generally ask for anywhere from 5 to 6% of the cut, which can sound like a lot of money. However, they will take care of most of the leg work for you, interacting with customers and clients while leaving you time to deal with life. They will help with things like setting prices and negotiating deals going you to focus on your next big move.

We recommend going with an agent that has the experience, even if it costs you a few extra pennies. They could come in hand in the event of those pesky problems that have a way of creeping up unexpected.

But I paid XXXXXX for it

Ok, we get it. It is your home. But asking an unrealistic amount for it will leave it sitting on the market without any bites. It is highly recommended to do your research even if you chose to hire an agent. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, what does your home look like in a buyer’s perspective? If you saw the same house, what would you pay for it?

An excellent way to practice a bit and come back to reality is to take a look at advertisements. Turn it into a game, not looking at the price until the end, and guessing how much you think it is worth it. Are you getting a similar price or are way too high or low? Use this as a way to see what is really on the market today, looking at realistic prices and not some made-up number that you ‘feel’ you should get from your home.

But the price tag is XXXXX.

Get comfortable with the idea that negotiating is standard in the housing market. While some people feel uncomfortable going head to head with a potential buyer, most experienced home buyers and sellers know that a bit of negotiation is sure to come around. It is an excellent suggestion to go into the selling process expecting to at least take a $5000 deduction to the price which you were initially asking.

Now, don’t get too generous here, because underpricing can be just as bad. Like we mentioned above, careful analysis of the current market in your area will paint a bigger and more detailed picture, giving you’re the ability to set the price right for an agreement both you and your future buyer can come to a deal with.

Let’s sell during the holidays, and I’m less busy.

While your work schedule and social calendar may be a bit on the hectic side, this is not the case with the housing market. Cold and cloudy winter months are the worst time to sell your house. Don’t think either that posting your home at this time is any better. This is because experienced buyers will look at the length of time your house has sat on the market, using that as a powerful means of negotiating and lowering the price.

A simple cell phone photo will do

Think about your first time browsing homes or decorating ideas. What did you use? More than likely, your cell phone or PC, right. We are in an image-obsessed age where visuals are appealing to us. Taking the time to take tasteful photos or hire a professional to capture your home in its best light could be the make or break to bringing those who are interested in your way.

These days, buyers look for photos and also video tours that offer a 360 view of the entire home. Don’t you want to see what you’re in for before you buy it? Not surprisingly, so do buyers.

That never happened to me.

Last but not least, be transparent. Most homes will need to undergo some type of inspection before paperwork is finalized, especially if your buyers are getting a bank loan. Be open about things that are wrong or noteworthy in your home from the beginning. Contrary to popular belief, faults don’t make the value plummet, they keep them more stable, making buyers trust in both you and your home.

Now is a great time to sell your home, moving on to bigger and better things. It can be an emotional process, leaving you a bit cranky and run down at times, which is why you should take a breath and avoid saying any of the phrases mentioned above, starting your journey fully aware and prepared for what’s to come.