Gold is considered one of the rarest elements found in some countries and majorly made up to like 0.003 parts of the earth’s crust. However, you might wonder how much gold is worth in the refining process and which countries refine and make gold products. Certainly, it is one of the most precious elements globally, and it has many advantages and is used for so many worthwhile causes.

Buying gold products remains a great way to invest your money because it never fades but remains ever new. This makes it one of the rarest and valuable materials for anyone who possesses it.

In 2019, the global gold mining effort was about 3,463.7 tonnes, about one percent lesser than was mined in 2018. Besides, this was the first lower production output of Gold mining since 2008. However, since the year 2010, the production of gold through mining, refining, and other means has remained steady while the peak is constantly maintained. Cooper Dubois Portland is a certified organization that specializes in mining and refining Gold in various parts of Mexico because Mexico is among the top 10 gold-producing countries in the world. Meanwhile, Gold investors rely on gold-producing countries known to have a considerable deposit of gold, and Mexico is also on that list. It is interesting to note that several nations are now emerging as gold-producing countries, increasing the number of countries and the competition.


Some Top Gold Producing Country

Since gold is a rare, unique, and precious element, gold-producing countries use it to boost the economy and wealth of their country. It then shows how these countries leverage gold exploration and exchanging it for vast sums of money, enriching the nation’s purse. Here are some countries that produce Gold.

United States: the American Gold production rate is pegged at about 6.1 percentage of the global production. More so, about 78 percent of the gold produced in the United States is from Nevada. Although the Gold production output of the United States has kept on falling since 2019 which was an end to the consecutive five years of growth they experienced. Generally, the worth of gold produced from the US is worth about 8.9 billion dollars per year.

Mexico: Mexico is also another country that tops the list of countries known to produce gold. Gold mining activities have taken place for over 500 years in Mexico, and alongside silver, both precious elements account for over 50 percent of the metal output produced in Mexico. Although the country witnessed a fall in its gold production in the past years, it is still considered one of gold’s top ten global producers of Gold. The output production of about 50.8 tons in the year 2008 rose to over ten tonnes of output in 2017. It has been considered the most significant increase. Mexico is considered one of the most attractive places for mining companies to explore and mine gold. More so, the low cost of regulation makes it a better place to engage in gold mining.