Your home is your mini paradise, and almost every activity happens there. Generally, a house serves as the most comforting place for the family and its occupant. The daily being carried out in the home can contribute to the dirtiness observed at home.

More so, the exterior part of your home can become dirty due to dust, moss, algae, and other environmental conditions that occur. Indeed, you cannot keep the outer part of your home clean if you don’t take the right action.

Perhaps you are a savvy homeowner looking to make good money from your home’s sale; performing exterior cleaning and proper washing can help improve your house appearance and take you a step closer to achieving that goal. Exterior House Cleaning is, therefore, one of the steps and methods of making your home appealing to potential buyers and also much more valuable in the real estate market. You are more likely to stay ahead of the house sales game if you employ professional hands to carry out the necessary cleaning process on the roof, the outside concrete, and the entire compound.

Planting fresh flowers, landscaping, and ensuring you perform necessary external and internal repairs would quickly achieve your goals. However, the one thing that is mostly overlooked during renovations is the exterior house cleaning. The weather and other environmental factors do wreak havoc on your house wall paintings and could also cause damages to the windows slides. The house siding, roof, and porches are also what environmental degradation can cause your house.

Although you might not notice any of these defects, buyers would see that this can scare off many buyers away from buying your homes if you are selling the house. Luckily enough for you, cleaning and power washing of your house exterior part would save you the hassle of losing potential buyers while also increasing the house’s value. Employing house cleaners’ professionalism would help you achieve a cleaner place that looks brand new and satisfying to customers interested in buying from you. You might wonder how you go about the exterior cleaning of your home while every other thing remains intact. It is all about making an innovative and safe approach towards exterior cleaning while you avoid any damages that might occur to the building.


Conditions You Should Follow When Thinking Of Pressure Washing Your House

Pressure washing your home’s exterior part might seem like something that isn’t much of a big deal, as you aim to achieve a cleaner house almost as brand new. However, in reality, it doesn’t seem as simple as you might think it is. Pressure washing your home must be done with extreme caution while necessary precaution and professional washing methods must be followed. You should also note that no matter the material your house is constructed with if the pressure used for washing is too high, there is an excellent possibility of damage.

The pressure washing can damage the wooden aspect of the exterior part or sheared off rumble brick, gash stucco, shatter stone, and even dent aluminum siding. Commercial pressure washers used in washing the outer part of your house can be so powerful that they can chip off solid concrete by construction workers. Indeed, when considering the use of pressure washing on the exterior part of your house, you must ensure that the proper force is set from the stream and necessary measures are implemented to avoid any possible damages that might be imminent on your property.


Some Issues Pressure Washing Can Cause

Generally, pressure washing can cause many cosmetic damages to your exterior houses; aside from this, it can also lead to some unforeseen structural issues. If your home suffers from some external problems, which might include wood rot or crumbling, and other defects, pressure washing might not be the best solution in getting your exterior house washed. Also, your home might be at risk of absorbing water which can weaken the concrete and the construction blocks used for the building.

However, does this mean that the only solution you are stuck with when getting your exterior house cleaned is through rag and bucket? Not the only option; when the right measure is implemented, power washing can be done on your home quickly without experiencing any damages outside your house. The solution comes down to using suitable nozzles and using the proper pressure on your house. When the necessary assessment has been carried out, the appropriate pressure and the right nozzle are then determined by the washer to effectively wash the house clean.


About Pressure Washer

Whenever you hope to achieve a cleaner exterior house, some factors are being considered by the washer. The pressure washer and nozzle vary by angle and stream intensity, which is one factor to consider. The wider the angles of pressure washing spray, the less damaging it can cause to your houses. It is, however, recommended that the 40-degree angle with low pressure from the nozzle is the best way to have your external place washed without any form of damage occurring. More so, the stream would be gentle on the surfaces like wood or stucco. Also, experts have advised that the nozzle should be kept away from the body you would be washing at the length of at least six inches.

Generally, you should hire an expert exterior house washer certified to carry out these washings without any damages recorded. The professional gets the work done with less trouble while the time frame is also reduced. Besides, they carry out feasibility studies on how weak or strong the building is to ascertain the correct pressure they would use. More so, with good negotiating power, you might benefit more from the professional washer and have them get your walkways, porches, and decks, cleaned too.


Tips That Can Be Employed To Make The Patios, Porches, And Decks Properly Clean

Concrete patios, painted porches, stained wood decks are materials that make up your external building living space, as they also play a significant role in how clean and attractive the external environment of your home is. Setting the proper pressure by the professional pressure washing experts, dirt such as moss, algae, and other sticky debris can be washed away from these surfaces. Experts have also recommended that around  1,500 PSI (pounds-per-square-inch) or less for softwood and porous pavers and stained concrete, or between 2,000 to 3,000 PSI on more complex surfaces. Using the 25 degrees or 40-degree spraying during the pressure washing for surfaces like woods and porches is the best method to achieve optimum results. However, if you encounter the moss problem on your wood deck or the patio, it wouldn’t be that easy to spray them off. You should be aware that moss grows very fast, which can be a big problem for you to manage before you get your house sold. To eliminate the moss problem, you should treat your wood with powdered oxygen bleach to prevent it. Besides, stones, concrete, bricks, and other surfaces prone to moss can also be treated accordingly to avoid any possible re-growth of the moss, which can damage your lawn or exterior house look.


Washing The Windows

Your house’s potential buyers would often spy through the window to ensure you have your home well cleaned and properly maintained. Polishing your window slides to a high and shine state inside the house wouldn’t achieve so much if the exterior aspect isn’t well maintained. More so, the raindrops and dust might have performed some watermarks on the window glass and slides.

Perhaps you have employed a professional pressure washer; you might as well want to point out that you needed the windows also to be washed. However, caution must be taken when cleaning the windows slides that are less solid, unlike the concrete and the patios. Washing the window must not be so fast, and the pressure setting must be shallow to avoid breakage of any window materials. Even if you observed the glasses that still stay intact, the high impact could easily knock it off.

More so, while using a pressure washer against the window, it should be done at the lowest pressure possible with a cleaning agent sprayed on the windows to help dissolve and remove any stubborn stains that might be on the window slides. Besides, a safer method in cleaning the window side uses an exterior window cleaning package designed to help remove dust, watermark, and other forms of dirt away from the window side. To increase your house’s value, and make it look more brand new, proper external washing is the best method you can apply as a homeowner to achieve your sales goal.