I guess you are familiar with the universal love phrase; star-crossed lovers; definitely, the phrase has made it through ages. However, there has been a lot of debates and discussions around the fact that is it the stars crossed or your commitment to the relationship. Many poets have written a lot of details about the idea of astrology, helping your relationship life exist for a longer time. Although there are some beliefs about the fate of lovers tied together by some divinity power, besides, you might have thought about the failure of your past relationship that has been tied to the astrological meaning of their characters.

Say your last two boyfriends are Leos by their astrological definition, you might blame it on their behavior or the way the relationship ended. However, taking yourself through a deep thought of how things played out in the relationship, you would realize that you only had the situation based on your premeditations of the relationships. Besides, regardless of your belief, premeditations, or what the society believed in love life through astrological knowledge, if you are following the stars, you should follow it solely.

The zodiac sign is a sampling method used in describing the human character and their way of behavior. Although, it is a complicated way of sampling humans and categorizing them into a group following their resulting behavior. Several certified astrological consultants have tried to help humanity understand how these astrological signs work. Centrally, the definition of astrology is considered to be an idea that human beings pick up energy from the planets, which are the connecting path to the cosmos. Obviously, the principle can also be associated with the menstrual cycle of a woman synchronized with the moon movement. Indeed, the environment exerts a lot of effect on you as a human being affecting your behavior and way of doing things.

Your energy, color of the skin, and your sense of self are affected by the sun; it does affect the plant also and generally affects us psychologically. However, you can just sit up and believe that the moon, sun, and other planetary bodies do not have any effect on the inhabitants of the earth. Indeed, the astrological influences on humans can have a different version of people, while it has been used to categorized people. More so, the growing popularity of psychics and astrology in a love relationship can be associated with the grouping created by this disciple.

Relationship Analysis

When it comes to your relationship life, can you rely on the planets to determine how it should play out, and does it help you determine how your love life should be structured? Definitely, relationship compatibility is always magical, and the connection must continually grow in the same direction drifted towards each other. The basis of every relationship is that unending desire, connection, and feeling always have the other individual around. When you interact with that other person, the energies of your natal chart helps you develop a uniqueness of choices, common ground the other person’s chart follows also.

The result of your personalities driven together gives out a complex affection that is magical and synastry, which astrologers used in predicting the compatibilities of two lovers. Although there are many, determine factors that are used to fine-tune your natal charts, say you are an Aries you have five planets, and in the real sense of it, you have the sun sign. Regarding love relationships, there are some elements that are involved in the compatibility of the two parties involved. Each element has its symbols, while each sign has its meaning and complexities associated with it by the astrologers. Centrally, when it comes to relationship analysis, astrologers first look at the participating individual’s birth chart, go on and study their respective natal charts and finally compare the temperaments of the lovers.

How Charts Helps Predict Compatibility

For instance, the dominating elements are firstly compared, before looking out for other connections and the charts of between the two. In any intimate relationship, you are trying to build; the chart comes to play its role. Understanding the compatibility; of the participating member of a relationship, some specifics are also considered. The planets that are majorly used in comparing the personalities of the lovers are the Ascendant/Descendant axis, Moon, Mars, Sun, Venus, lunar nodes, and Mercury.


Indeed, there are different types of love language, and each individual in a relationship would always want to find a common love language. Although Mercury is somewhat underrated when it comes to romantic relationship compatibility; besides, it helps reveal how the partners should interact and also communicate. Without connections and interaction in relationships, it might be so difficult for you to find common ground and establish true love. Without connections, you can’t go far in your relationship, while you are likely to feel chocked up in the relationship if there is no common ground in the romantic life. However, as it is with the Sun and Moon astronomical character, the Mercury is essential.

Mercury Capricorn

Obviously, when pairing up the astrological characteristic no-nonsense Mercury in Capricorn is said to compactable with Mercury water signs, and they are found to be compactable with Saturn. The Mercury Capricorn relates to an individual who prefers fewer talks and listens more while thinking carefully. Besides, they contribute to any discussion when needed.


Generally, if you are looking for compatibility in your partner, you can check out the ascending signs of the Moon, Sun, and other astrological signs. However, you should not base your compatibility on the Zodiac sign alone, because you are your own love life making. Taking a blood test is the first thing you should consider doing, and understanding your partner is another milestone you must achieve. Although the astrological signs affect the temperament of an individual, this does not outrightly means it is what controls your relationship. The bottom line you should not jump into conclusion about the individual you are building a relationship with based on their astrological signs.