Buy An Old House and Fix It Up: 5 Décor Secrets for Your New Digs

So, you decided to take advantage of the market and purchase your first home. Inspired by all the trendy shows that make fixing it up look like a breeze, you decided (with excitement) to do it on your own. While the more technical stuff might require some assistance, there is one last finishing touch that you can make to surprise even your pickiest of friends at the time of your reveal.

We are talking about the décor, sort of the finishing touch to all of your new gadgets and designs. To help you out and make your new home the talk of the town, we have five additions you can add to create a cool and modern looking space. These are things that you can start today, some with items that you may already have from previous places. The best thing about our list is that you don’t have to go out and break your budget to make your new place look like a million bucks, and here are five ways.

Go Bold with Textures and Colors

The easiest (and cheapest at times) way to transform a room is an excellent old paint job. Long gone are the traditional ways of decorating, daring homeowners to go wild and bold when choosing their pallet and theme. Choose a bright and bold color and paint one wall for emphasis or even paint the whole room. This will lively up the place and also put a modern and upbeat twist to any theme.

Textures are easy to work with too. A mixture of textures and colors is an easy way to pull off a modern and chic look without breaking the bank. Go for things like pillows rugs or throws, something with an offbeat and unique design that will add a bit of pop to any room. Don’t be afraid to go crazy, perhaps combing both patterns and solids in a tasteful mix that makes you feel right at home.

Light Up the Room

Lighting is a decorator’s best friend, helping to highlight and lowlight rooms to give them a whole new feel. Before adding just any lighting, it is good to take a look at your room without anything in it, seeing where certain pops of light could come in handy to create the atmosphere you were hoping for.

Placement is essential, as the right set up could make your rooms look larger or broader but, so is the look. A great way to transform a room instantly is a cool lighting setup, one that makes a statement. If you chose a bold color, pair it with a uniquely shaped gold or silver hanging light fixture, using it as a critical piece to add a touch of class to your style.

Break up Furniture Sets

The painting and lighting are just a few key things to a bare room, but there will come time to add furniture. Furniture sets are more economically priced but can sometimes be a bit ‘matchy’ and take away from your unique style. The great thing is, these pieces are not attached and, if you play your cards right, you could strike gold with the purchase of a set. Change up the set and spread parts  around your house, going for a unique way of setup.

If you’ve got the typical sofa and chair mix, choose only one to compliment your living room. You can then take the other pieces to other areas of the house, perhaps rooms or even patios to create a peaceful outdoor zone.

Give Furniture A Facelift

If you have older pieces that have followed you throughout your living experiences, don’t throw them out. These offer the perfect opportunity to customize and create any kind of look you want. This is especially true if you have wooden chairs or metal-rimmed tables, allowing you to choose a color and paint it back to life. Be bold and daring, painting old pieces, and adding unique designs if they call to you. You’d be surprised how much a solid white or a bold colored painted piece will instantly modernize any room, making it look as if you spent a fortune.

Decals for the Win

Last but most certainly not least is your wall space. You can add a few things to your freshly painted walls that make them stand out like artworks or even decals. Decals are a super fun and economical option to make your home décor uniquely yours. Take super cool stars decals and add them to any color of walls to create a far-out theme or add an entire wall covered with solid wallpaper for a twist on the traditional decorating item. Decals are a great option because they allow you to keep the color as the main highlight while adding a small bit of pop to your walls. Plus, they put a cool twist on traditional wall art, creating a flat surface instead of the 3D pop-outs from certain art pieces.

Make it Fun

Though there are times when taking on home improvements on your own can seem like a nightmare, the result is totally worth it. You will be forever proud of your work and able to step into your new home every day, knowing that your hands and hard work created it.

The most important thing about home improvements and decorating is to have fun. Transforming your new space into a home that is yours and will welcome you day after day is exciting and allows you to be as creative and quirky as you want. While you have a lot of time to sit back and decide where the perfect place for your things are, using our tips for your first few decorating adventures will have your friends oohing and awing, making them wonder who you hired and how they can get their hands on them.