Building A Consistent Spiritual Growth Out Of An Ordinary Life


Charting a course of your spiritual growth is necessary if you aim to develop your mind, relationship with fellow man, and God. ‘How is your walk with Jesus’ is one of the familiar questions continuously being asked in Christendom.

Although the problem might be understood in three different perspectives, which are (i) Are you currently walking with Jesus, (ii) There is no specific time the question is referring to, (iii) it reminds you of your relationship with Jesus. This question invites you to think beyond yourself of how you are walking daily with Jesus, but it focuses on how well are you determined to grow your spiritual strength and go farther with Jesus.

Achieving spiritual growth and moving past the obstacles of life, you require a deeper connection and a distinct conviction where your past, present, and future hold for you. Growing with the lord and ensuring every day a holy day could seem challenging to achieve; however, with God’s help and consistent trusting in his unfailing grace, you would be able to attain a spiritual milestone.

What Is Spiritual Growth

Although there isn’t any definition that is perfect for spiritual growth, it might not be seen with the physical eyes. Growth relates to a never-ending process, which is continuous and aspires to reach perfection. Just as a baby grows daily or how a small plant grows from being small to a large tree to provide shade. Besides, there isn’t a time where plants or babies stop growing, as growing older can also be considered growth until the final death.

Spiritual growth can then be termed as a continuous and consistent walking with the lord and doing his will. Spiritual growth also involves our relationship with other humans and how we accommodate others in our life. Indeed, the pathway to spiritual growth can also be seen to reflect on how we treat others and reflect our beliefs. As an individual aiming for spiritual growth, your relationship with the lord must be seasoned with his will while you ensure that you follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the lord.

The Relationship Between Creator And The Created

Yes, God is our creator, and he is the almighty; crucially, he holds the key to your spiritual growth. Your relationship with the creator would pave how you would achieve that spiritual growth and watch everything else flow easily. Building the relationship is like drawing water from the well; you need to tap into his endless grace and draw deep enough to help you go through the challenges of life. A life of reflection on God’s world and learning daily from his preachers and anointed men of God also helps you build that exceptional relationship with God where you can quickly grow spiritually. As your love towards the creator, the same way you should relate with his creations, which is the fruit of your relationship with others, would help you build spiritual growth.