Baby Care Products Latest Trends Updated

Did you know that the estimated market value of the baby care products by 2020 was 67.35 billion U.S dollars? This is the total value of all the baby care categories. These categories include baby wipes, diapers, hair and skin care, feeding accessories, and toys.

The manufacturers’ distribution channels from manufacturers are super/hypermarkets, specialist retailers, online retail, and convenience stores.

Market Summary

  • The rise of baby care products results from many baby health concerns—for example, skin diseases and the need for nutritional supplements and feed in babies.
  • The need for safe and natural products for babies is driving a high rate of innovation and market value.
  • Asia is the fastest-growing market in baby care products, with India topping the list among the developed countries. This is because of the high birth rate and the increase in effective brand penetration and distribution channels. Such channels include online retail with the latest trends in top baby products.
  • The dominant category is Baby diapers. In baby diapers, the diaper pants segment has the highest growth rate due to its popularity and convenience.

How to Choose the Right Baby Care Products

Are you a new mum with no clue on how to choose the best baby products? The first step is to always go for brands that have tried and tested reviews for their great and friendly results to babies. Read on.

Doctor’s advice: the primary approach to choosing the right baby product is seeking a doctor’s advice. Besides, it is hard not to follow a doctor’s recommendation. Right from birth, you should focus on the best products to use on your baby to void risking their health. A doctor is the best person to offer baby-friendly products.

Basic knowledge of baby care products toxins: it would help determine different toxins found in different baby products. That way, you will shop wisely, taking a keen look at the labels that have a list of the products’ chemicals. This will help you avoid those with toxins and choose safer options.

Strictly choose baby products: it is not safe to share your lotions and jelly with your baby. Baby products are mild and perfect for their young and sensitive skin. According to a study, natural baby products tend to be the best in caring for your little one’s development and needs. Natural baby products are free from toxins and mild to maintain the baby’s skin soft and tender.

Hypoallergenic: this shows that the product is safe to use even for those babies with allergies. Sometimes babies have hidden allergies; hence some products can provoke them to show. It would be better to go for hypoallergenic products for your baby in all categories to play safe.

Check for pH balance: use baby skincare products with a balanced pH level. This will help moisturize and keep their skin healthy to fight against any environmental irritants. Unbalanced pH products lead to dry skin that can cause rashes and even eczema in extreme cases.

Toxins to Avoid In Baby Products

It would help if you played safe and avoided baby products with the following toxins, click here for more information;


There’s a study from the CSC (Campaign for Safe Cosmetics) stating that Talc based baby products are unsafe. Therefore, their campaigns were against the selling of baby powder from Johnson and Johnson.

Talc is a mineral added to baby powder for drying fluids like diaper wetness and sweating. There’s a major link to Talc and causing lung problems and cancer. However, there are talc-free powders in the market you should buy for your baby.


Usually, manufacturers add fragrance to conceal odors from production or to add benefit to the product. As sweet smelling as it can be, it could be hiding some secret and unsafe ingredients, which results in health problems.

It is challenging to eliminate fragrance from the skin once it comes into contact, leading to the skin, eye, respiratory, and even neurological problems. Exposure of fragrance to a child is likely to cause asthma. Check the labels of all baby products for fragrance-free before buying.

Mineral Oil

Usually, baby oil is a combination of mineral oil and fragrance, which tends to be harmful. Mineral oil is a by-product of the processing of petroleum, which, when applied, becomes like a plastic cover on the skin. This mineral oil plastic layer prevents the skin from eliminating toxins. Trapped toxins result in internal body damage. Therefore, buy natural oils like coconut, almond, and olive to apply by massaging into the baby’s skin.


Anything with an ‘antibacterial’ label is likely to contain triclosan. This is disrupting and provokes the carcinogenic, which is also unsafe to the environment. However, every parent wants to keep the baby safe from bacteria, but you can take better and safer approaches. By raising the babies in germ-free environments, you can lead to things like;

  • You hinder their capacity to form natural defiance and immunity.
  • Raise the possibility of allergies
  • Render antibacterial treatments less effective for when we truly need them to work.

Therefore, keep off all body washes and antibacterial soaps and allow the baby’s body to fight.

Propylene Glycol

This is a penetration intensifier chemical that is effortlessly absorbed by the skin and can be cancer-causing. Its main role is to open up all the pores allowing in all other chemicals. You will find this Propylene glycol chemical in most wipes, including baby wipes, which is dangerous. To be sure of the product you are buying; look for the following PEG labels (polyethylene glycol) or PPG (polypropylene glycol).

Better still, you can DIY your disposable wipes or wipe using a washcloth and warm soapy water.


Regrettably, parabens are all over. They are in all soaps, shampoos, body washes, and moisturizers, even baby care products. Parabens are neurotoxins and may cause reproductive toxicity, skin irritation, and hormone disruption. Therefore, ensure you avoid buying anything with parabens or propyl ester and benzoic acid for your baby.

As we sum up, it is also crucial to note that the growth of the baby products market in India is due to the growing economy of over 7%. This is due to the quick-rising working-age people and good employment productivity improvements.