Attractive Painting Techniques for your House Walls


Buying a house is one of the achievements you will live to be proud of for a long time. Such significant investment needs to be taken care of and protected to keep sparkling every day it exists.

There is no recommended way of taking care of your house’s walls than painting them. Painting as art involves a lot of techniques that you can use to transform the look of your house entirely.

Some of these techniques are easy to achieve, and you can do them by yourself. However, you can always seek professional help whenever you need the work to be done perfectly. Let us go through some of these techniques below.


Stenciling is an art you will love applying on your walls alone without having to bother professionals to do it for you. However, professionals would do a better job for you unless you are a professional yourself. It is a quick and straightforward way to include sophistication and fascination into your wall set up.

The process is easy and quick. You only need to order the stencils that strike your style and preference and spend some time giving your wall a new look. The internet will always come to your aid whenever you feel stuck with the process. Alternatively, you can check with your area for house painting service if you can’t get the skills right. For example, in San Francisco, the san francisco house painting services are readily available whenever you need them.

Metallic Painting

Metallic painting is the best way to go, especially if you look for a modern look for your interior wall design. This painting idea has so many ways to approach it, making it a very open concept. Metallic paints usually are water-based to make them easy to apply and clean up. Metallic wall paint has some actual non-tarnishing metal flakes which make up as part of its solid content.

Metallic paints do not come easy as they are considered top-notch paints. Getting them will cost you twice as much as you would spend on most other paints. With the numerous ideas that come with this painting technique, you can apply different method styles in different rooms in your house.

Stripes Painting

As the name suggests, this kind of painting involves the inclusion of striped patterns on your wall. This painting technique is one timeless painting technique that never gets out of touch and style. They are not only timeless but also come with unlimited options for applying them. You can choose to go with the thin stripes running vertically or go for the wider ones running horizontally.

Color Wash

This attractive painting technique adds texture and density to your walls. Color washing is a demanding painting technique that will need you to have the right supplies to achieve great results. You can successfully go through color washing with sponge painting or brushing the latex glaze onto your walls. The paintbrush will give your wall a more textured look, whereas the soft sponges bring out a smoother, more diffused appearance.

Color washing itself involves different painting techniques that give your walls a stand-out look. You can vary your wiping motions as you apply the glaze to achieve changing visual effects. Using a lighter glaze over a darker glaze can help you look reminiscent of an old patina.

You may glaze your walls with different paint colors, including base color, a glaze that is darker than the base paint color you’ve used, and third deeper glaze color. This helps your wall to display more luxurious color depth.

Stripe Painting

Are you a fabrics and linen enthusiast? Do you love the look of beautiful linen hanging on your wall to give it a perfect interior finish? If so, then this painting technique is yours to grab. Strie is a French word that means streaking, and it refers to a painting technique that builds vertical or horizontal lines to give your wall a look that resembles linen material.

This painting technique works perfectly for the bedroom and sitting room walls as it comes with warmth and texture that perfectly fits these types of walls in your house.

Rag Rolling Technique

When you have chosen your desirable paint and done your painting, you may stand back and feel dissatisfied by the painting’s texture and depth. When such an experience occurs, all you need to do is look for a rag and roll it up and down over the wet, painted wall to add texture and depth. It would help if you did not worry about the rag destroying the paint layer as this art is subtle enough that you can apply it on any aesthetic without worry.

Checkerboard Patterns Technique

You will agree that checkerboard patterns in painting your walls are an admirable skill to apply on your walls and add plenty of life and style to your painting. With this painting, you eliminate the need for added décor, and it comes with unlimited options for doing it. You can use resembling neutral colors when painting checkers for a fine, textural finish. You can as well add a bold color for a stylish splash.

Polka Dots Technique

You have sat and observed your child frown of how dull his or her room looks dull, but you never knew what painting technique to apply on the room’s wall to help bring them back to life. Polka dots painting techniques are the ideal option for your child’s room. The polka dot painting designs are easy to apply, and once done, they will bring life to any space or wall they are in.

The painting techniques you choose for your interior walls should bring out the technique’s life into your houses’ wall. If you can’t manage to do a perfect job painting the walls yourself, you can always consider hiring a professional painter’s services to save on time and give you an assurance of a masterpiece outcome.