At Last! Save Your Relationship with These Words

Words have power. You no longer need to catch a grenade, jump over a cliff, or even starve to express your love when all things go wrong. Actions speak louder than words, true, but it’s the little simple things that matter more.

A simple text or a love note would go far and beyond in expressing your tone and context. Better yet, verbal words and skills are much better and stronger in conveying feelings, needs, and convincing your partner on your stand. Certainly, with verbal words, you stand a great chance of breaking or making a relationship.

Are you wondering which words to use in saving/strengthening your relationship? Read on.

‘I’m Sorry’

You often find it hard to apologize to your partner, especially when you don’t have to. However, it is crucial to note that relationships need ‘I’m sorry’ to survive. It would be wise to pick your battles wisely and retreat for the sake of peace.

An apology is not an indication of weakness, as most proud people would term it. Rather, a sincere apology is a humble sign of commitment, yearning to move forward the aches and build a stronger relationship. It is human to make mistakes and when you do, always say ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Thank You’

Appreciation is deep. It would help if you learned to show appreciation to your partner even for the little things they do. It could be helping out with a chore, taking you to work, remembering your birthday, and more. When you show appreciation, it shows your partner that you are happy with their action hence motivates them to do more.

Appreciation does not have to be overboard but a simple ‘thank you’ is more than enough. However, you can always accompany your ‘thank you’ and send them a gift at their place of work. If you have no clue about a gift, check for amazing gift ideas.

‘I Love You’

When an argument is heating up with your cranky partner, you can never go wrong with ‘I love you.’ These three words touch the depth and melt every heart, including the hard ones. Between couples, you can express your affection without the need to initiate sexual desires by just telling them you love them.

Everyone loves to hear ‘I love you’ as it serves as a reminder of the basis of their union. Even better, you could hug or pet your partner as you say these magic words to cool down any form of anger from them.


The best approach to the rough patches in every relationship is learning to attack the problems and not each other. Making use of the phrase ‘we’ shows togetherness in approaching any wrong between you two. For instance, ‘what should we change this’ is a better way of showing your partner that you are ready to help them solve it even though it was their fault.

Using ‘we’ and ‘our’ performs well than ‘I,’’ you’ and ‘mine.’ These collective nouns help solve the problem and create positive interactions at all times. This way, you instantly signal to each other that you are together in a team against the world.

Every relationship has high and low moments. Therefore, do not beat yourself when yours phases a rough patch but instead equip yourself with the right tools to salvage everything. You will find it surprising how simple words mend even the worst form of disagreements.