A Guide about Croatia Visit for Beginners


Nothing compares to the feeling of visiting and exploring a new destination. To be precise, Croatia is the perfect destination to make the best memories of one’s lifetime. It is understandable to build much desire and anxiety before your departure as an emerging tourist favorite place to be.

However, traveling is not all fun unless you have a proper plan and all the correct information about your destination. Do you wish to avoid the hustle and embarrassment in your first much-anticipated visit to Croatia? Take a look below at the guide for helpful tips before your travel.

Is A Visa Mandatory?

Remarkably, not all foreign visitors require a visa to enter Croatia. Foreigners from UK, Australia, USA, Canada, and New Zealand can stay in Croatia for 90-180 days without a visa. Moreover, only the UK citizens can enter Croatia using only their ID cards, leaving the others to use their valid passports.

You should check online or hire Croatia Travel Ideas that knows all about Croatia and its environs, to feed you more details on the visa application. This way, all your travel details from paperwork to your hotel stay will be in safe hands to avoid frustrations.

Weather to Expect

When do you wish to travel?

You should know that Croatia has three climates; coastal Mediterranean climate, interior continental climate, and a 1200m above sea level mountain climate. The coast has hot, sunny, and dry summers and mildly wet winters.

However, the general summer temperatures are 22°C. Moreover, July and August have an average of 40 days, with over 30°C. Conversely, the usual winter temperatures are about 10°C and January being the coldest month below 10 °C daily.

Croatia Currency

Croatia is part of the UK but uses Kuna (KN) instead of the euro. The Kuna exchange rate is 7,6 Kn per €, 7,0 Kn per $, and 8,6 Kn per £. However, you can use euros to pay for your Croatia facilities, but you will receive your change in Kuna. Your change will be less as the local exchange rates are unfavorable compared to the exchange offices.

The exchange rates have no commission, but Croatia sets its exchange rates. Also, withdraw your money from official banks that have a symbol of one of the banks. Moreover, credit cards are not useful everywhere in Croatia. Even though there are many ATMs, most businesses prefer paying in cash. But it would help to ask if the businesses allow credit card transactions before you conduct any purchase.

Best Travel Season

The peak season in Croatia is June-September. Besides, the best period being the last weeks of July and the first two weeks of August. However, avoid going when everyone is going as you will not enjoy your Croatia travel fully since people tend to be extremely busy. Also, the peak season prices tend to be on the higher side, which may dent your budget than expected. It would be better to travel in September as the sea tends to be warmer than in June.

What to Carry To Croatia

Simple; pack according to the climatic regions you are visiting in Croatia. Also, check the weight limits and luggage restrictions of different flights and Croatia your destination to be safe. It would be disappointing to leave behind some items at the airport because they are not wanted across the border to your destination.

Above all, do not forget to carry your cameras and enough backup battery and storage. Besides, you are going to make nothing but memories.

Transport Matters

Check for the flight details from where you reside. Some areas like the UK have direct flights to major towns in Croatia. Also, look for flight offers from your travel agents or your destination to book a complimentary ticket on time.

You can also travel to Croatia from Europe by bus or car. If you do not have a personal car, check for different bus services. When you arrive in Croatia, get around using a car/taxi or bus. It has excellent roads and villages worth visiting.

Croatia is an excellent place to visit for its beaches, parks, and extraordinary cuisines. Don’t follow the crowd to Paris and visit Croatia for a change but the best experience of your life. Heed to the information above to be safe and avoid any loss while enjoying Croatia.