It is not a secret that when a house is in good condition, its value in the market will be high, elements such as an integral kitchen, remodeled bathrooms. New floors will always be characteristics that a buyer will value and will make him willing to pay more for the house. Still, these are not the only elements that can help raise its price.

Investing in elements of home security is the right decision, as these will shield the home against theft and also help new tenants feel protected. Buyers will well see a house that has its characteristics that increase security.

Next, we will mention five security elements that raise the price of a home:

1.-Electronic Locks

Electronic locks provide more security to the entrances of the house since the tenants should not worry if they lost their keys or someone took them with bad intentions to enter their home. These locks allow entry through code that only the people who live in the house know, and that can be changed periodically to increase security.

There are several types of electronic locks, so we have the possibility of opening an electronic lock from the outside in a variety of ways, depending on the system installed.

These are the following:

  • Numerical code using a keyboard installed outside.
  • Proximity Card
  • Proximity keychain
  • Electronic keys.
  • Eye retina
  • Remote control.
  • App with Bluetooth.

2.-Residential Alarms

These systems are highly effective and valued since they are devices that will allow you to monitor the home. For the investment to be good, it is necessary to verify that the system works even when there is no power cut. These kinds of alarms work with motion sensors that work regardless of whether the Internet connection is lost.

The advantage of having this alarm is that you can monitor your home if you are traveling. Of course, it will depend on the type of alarm you choose. Still, the one handled by GSM or Wi-Fi is the most recommended because it connects to your phone by a phone card as another terminal or through the home’s Wi-Fi and activating the Internet of your mobile.

Besides, if your alarm is one of those connected to a switchboard, when an intruder tries to enter, the central station that controls the entire alarm system notifies the security company to send a police car to your home if necessary in a few minutes.

3.-Remote Control

Remote control of the home will allow the family to control their home even if they are not there. In this way, they can turn the lights on or off, reinforce security alarms, and many more options. Generally, these controls can stay integrated into the alarm system, so you have a complete product.

4.- Electrified Fences

In the case of extensive properties or with a high risk of theft, it is advisable to install an electrified fence, which in addition to having an excellent aesthetic appearance, will allow increasing protection and value.

When your bars and security alarms are not enough for your safety, an electrified fence is your best option. These fences emit a discharge of high voltage but of little time, the reason why they are not mortal, but it generates an impact so that the thieves think twice before entering a house.

Electrified fences are always connected to the security system of the house, so if someone touches it, it will emit the alarm signal to the monitoring center.

Where the electric fences are installed, a high-voltage identification sign is added, which generates deterrence for people trying to steal.

5.- CCTV

With this system, you can monitor the activity of the house at any time of the day. A great advantage is that you can control it from mobile devices connected to the Internet; in this case, you can control the surveillance  at any time.

Security cameras can provide constant monitoring of your home when you are not there or if you are at home, they can help you see who is at the front door before opening it. Also, they are useful because, in case of theft, the use of security cameras can provide valuable proof to identify the thief and even to have back your belongings.

6.- Armored Doors

Armored doors are increasingly an essential element in our home. The armored door’s security depends not only on the door but also on the frame and the lock. It is these three elements that must be combined to offer maximum protection.

Armored doors lock

The lock is one of the most critical security elements of our home. Currently, two types of locks are mainly present in armored doors:

  • The first group is locks composed of a cylinder that does not allow it to move, thus avoiding most of the thefts.
  • The second group, which is the most modern, are electronic locks, i. e. locks that work remotely and are controlled from a mobile device. They are very secure when they have intelligent identification systems, and they are not accessible from the outside.
Armored Door Frames

Frames are also an essential security element. If the frame is made of wood without any reinforcement, the intruder can enter with a simple lever. Do not forget to check the framework that will be placed with your new security door and thus ensure that the most common theft methods will not work in your case.

Armored Door

An armored door is composed of wooden plates that inside have a reinforced alloy and metal. That is, the door has a metal interior, but it is cover with wooden plates that give the door a normal appearance, giving the naked eye the feeling of not being such a secure door.


Technology has advanced a lot, and in terms of security, the market offers several options for us to take into account and choose the one that we consider best. In this way, when selling your property, its value will also increase.