5 Brilliant Ways to Take Your Home Security up A Notch

Congratulations on your new home! Now that the fun part of decorating your house is over consider beefing up your security system to something advanced and precise. Besides, how else will you maintain all the decorations and new things you just bought for your new home?

Security starts with you, and that’s why it involves much more than having a gatekeeper guarding 24/7. Thanks to technology advancements, you can do away with the porter and install new and effective home security methods.

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Believe it or not, 34% of burglars walk in through the front door. So why give them a chance? Secure all the entries in your home, ensuring the frames and hinges are strong in place. Also, check the door slot size where people put their hand, reaching to open the locks.

If you just bought the house from someone, ensure you change the locks so you won’t have some stranger with the keys to your home. to improve the security on your doors you can try to have reinforcements to help you stay safe such as video doorbells, smart locks, deadbolt and even a strike plate.

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Windows are also a common entry point of burglars because most of the latches are flimsy. Most people don’t bother to check on the latches they find after buying or building a home. Therefore please change your latches or even have key-levers as a better choice.

However, window security doesn’t stop there, as there are more advanced options. For instance, window security film, window bars and window/glass sensors.


Burglars don’t love being in the spotlight; hence it would help to install adequate outdoor lighting. Having lights on your front, pathway, and backyard or near all outdoor structures including the garage will scare away the robbers.

Even better, outdoor lighting will also help you tread safely not to stumble and hurt yourself. You could install things like motion-sensor lights, lights on a timer and solar-powered lights.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are the trending and most effective way of catching thieves on footage and getting justice. Besides, with a face in the footage, the police will have an easy time tracking the thief. You can choose to have security cameras that work with your security system or those that work individually.

Either way, it would be better to choose one with a mobile app to see actions in real-time anywhere you are. Still, go for security cameras with unique features like night vision, WI-FI connection, two-way talk, motion detection, cloud storage, and weather-proof bodies.

Eradicate Hiding Places

Everybody loves some greenery in their home; however, the trees and shrubs may be a hiding spot for the robbers. It would be better to plant the low-growing flowers instead or make a habit of trimming the shrubs frequently.

Better still, if you have trees growing near your windows, ensure the security of the windows is tight. Also, do not leave ladders and stools outside and always lock the gate.

Lastly, your home security should not be a challenge in figuring which is the best option. As long as it’s a priority, you will take action immediately and incorporate one by one if not all at once. Stay safe!