When it comes to food, it is hard to imagine eating it uncooked. However, the world keeps changing or adopting some behaviors that are closely associated with the people of past centuries. Cooking and eating delicious raw food is fast becoming a modern trend and one that can help you be healthier, clearer skin, sleep better, gain better eyesight (meaning you can avoid going down the contoura vs lasik route) and many other benefits. The good news is that you can learn to prepare and cook raw and vegan foods. Before embarking on this journey, you have to identify the reasons that make you embrace raw and vegan foods. Many people cook and eat raw and vegan foods to look young by losing weight.

Avoid copying other people

It’s one thing to copy others when they have things like a shirt you like, one of the top Tissot watches or Citizen watches and other commercial products. Bu, if you feel the conviction to cook and eat raw and vegan foods, it would be pointless to base your journey on other people. Your top priority should be attaining optimal health. While at it, eliminate all the refined as well as processed foods from your diet. Otherwise, you would only take longer to accomplish your goals. Sadly, many people fail to enjoy maximum results mainly because of an urge to integrate refined and processed foods together with raw and vegan foods. Unfortunately, the two don’t work together.


Set aside more time

If you have never cooked food that is based on raw vegetables 100%, you would need to appreciate that what is ahead isn’t an easy task. Therefore, plan properly. Give yourself more time to do the cooking. Seasoned professional cooks are never in a rush. They take their time to present the best-cooked meals to their clients. Your pantry needs a bit of attention too. Any pantry that is replete with meat-based condiments as well as rice, dried pasta and potatoes will give you a tough time trying to cook raw foods. What your pantry needs to include:

  • Plenty of beans
  • Whole grains
  • Kales
  • Spinach
  • Collards
  • All manner of vegan-friendly sauces


Eliminate convenience foods

Remove all convenience foods from your kitchen. Being a vegan is a lifestyle. It involves organizing your time well to do various tasks – including cooking. The presence of convenience foods often denotes the fact that you are not wholly convinced about the idea of cooking and eating vegan foods. The market is full of frozen vegan burritos, frozen pizza, veggie burger patties and several other types of ready-made-ready-to-eat meals. Normally, frozen foods are terrible. Vegan frozen foods are abysmal and should never have a place in your kitchen.

The tips worth remembering to help you cook tasty raw and vegan foods include:

  1. Prepare and eat balanced meals that contain enough protein and fiber
  2. Slow roasting the foods guarantees you tasty meals  
  3. Adding chewy raw or vegan foods on the menu is highly advisable
  4. Do not ignore the importance of including some delicious ingredients
  5. Prioritize combining flavors and textures is

Therefore, as you have seen here, cooking tasty raw and vegan foods is something you can do with a bit of planning and adequate preparation. Remember, you should set aside quality time to cook these foods. Avoid preparing or cooking these foods hurriedly. Be ready with the ingredients needed to make the foods as delicious as possible. Cooking raw or vegan foods is not something that you do as a matter of convenience. Take out all convenience vegan foods from your kitchen.